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    Who here has build apartments?

    Who here has built apartments? Hey ALL! Im working on an upcoming project. Who here has built apartments? What did it cost for construction? How did the project go and did it sell? Anything you would do differently? What margins do you work to? I have a site and may be able to buy...
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    Amend a planning permit?

    Does anyone have experience with amending a planning permit? Specifically in knox council? I have just purchased a block in knox with plans and planning permit but want to make a minor change. There is a schedule of finishes which I don't like (red bricks specifically) and wanted to change...
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    Melbourne developers.

    Hey guys, I've just started a facebook group for melbourne based property developers to share projects, contacts and experience. If your interested in development get involved! You can't beat networking and recommendations. Tim Check it out...
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    Development structures

    Hi everyone, Long time stalker, short time Anyway, I'm curious as to what structures people are using to build/develop/sell/hold the projects with? Individual/trust/company? I understand that every persons own situation is different, but I have a new project and want...