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  1. Peter Parker

    Having a go: 1984 small business video Interesting to compare plans with what transpired and what happened to some of the founders.
  2. Peter Parker

    Weird Domain emails

    I used to subscribe to emails for property listings in areas I was researching. Then I unsubscribed and the emails stopped. But just recently the emails resumed. The weird thing about them is they have auction dates of 1 January 0001 at 12am And the email is (c) 2011. The links to the...
  3. Peter Parker

    Rent controls in Stockholm
  4. Peter Parker

    An 'interesting' property near Sunshine, Vic (thought exercise)

    Apparently this was passed in over the weekend. Floorplan: $355k, 8 bedrooms & 15km from CBD. On only a small block...
  5. Peter Parker

    Grattan Report: Wealth of Generations

    Great reading
  6. Peter Parker

    1981 HIA Building Awards

    An old video of a 1981 prizewinning new home Interesting that someone could get a prize for an almost windowless brick box, even as 'top home'. 'Top budget home' I could understand, but 'top home' I can't. Shows how fashions change. From the...
  7. Peter Parker

    Tonight's eclipse (post your pictures here)

    It was largely cloudy in Melbourne but managed to get some pictures with the video camera running.
  8. Peter Parker

    PM wants 100 points of ID from landlord

    Just wondering if anyone's had their property manager (that they've used for years) ask, out of the blue, for 100 points of ID? Apparently 'for their records'. Does anyone have any sound reasons to accede to their request?
  9. Peter Parker

    Sydney flashback website with property info Has a lot of '60s - '90s articles and ads including some for houses and new estates.
  10. Peter Parker

    A thrilling book about recovering business debt

    Read it at (probably the world's sparsest website but has other stuff worth reading also)
  11. Peter Parker

    ATO launches nightclub theme tax video

    To mark the end of the financial Year, the National Film and Sound Archives has uploaded a 1988 movie designed to teach young people (who'd now be nearly 50) about tax. Enjoy and/or cringe!
  12. Peter Parker

    Walt Disney's authoritarian city vision

    Whether you call it authoritarian, socialist or semi-fascist, Walt Disney's city vision has the lot (ie no home ownership, no unemployed, no retirees, enforced 'community')
  13. Peter Parker

    Grattan Institute: Renovating Housing

    Report on housing policy
  14. Peter Parker

    The great British Class Calculator

    Based on a conception of class that includes social and cultural things as well as financial. Article Take the test at: 7 classes are identified: Elite: Most privileged group, set apart from...
  15. Peter Parker

    New ABS SIEFA indexes out

    New ABS SIEFA numbers out One of the most important sets of statistics for those assessing neighbourhoods has been released by the ABS. Higher the better - ie higher incomes, education and opportunities. It relates to the 2011...
  16. Peter Parker

    Old articles on real estate

    Some interesting old articles on real estate investing - from 70 or more years ago: Renovating: estate investment&searchLimits= Investing by the sea (1924):
  17. Peter Parker

    The Age: Real Estate Directors charged over marijuana crop

    If anyone's had troubles getting tenants check the garden - in case the agent's planted an unauthorised cash crop! Read more:
  18. Peter Parker

    Eating and diabetes

    Threads in forums such as this often have a life. Someone asks a question, there'll be some replies and then it degenerates into trivia or even (on less moderated forums) abuse. However this thread, on a specialist electronic forum, is different. It starts with a simple question and...
  19. Peter Parker

    Self heating Christmas can dinner invented

    No kettle or microwave needed. Good viewing for those on a full stomach from today's festivities or lamenting a big pile of washing up.
  20. Peter Parker

    Chase that dream: 1979 video on tenants and housing is pt 1 Made by Film Australia Note how property managers were all men in those days!