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  1. impala67

    Melbourne is hot global property

    by Venessa Paech /Editor of - 9.5.2014 "A new report calls out Melbourne as a future superstar of the global real estate market, betting that prices will continue to climb. Candy & Candy, Savills and...
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    World's first trillionaire just a matter of time

    May 6, 2014 - The Age "The world's first trillionaire could emerge within just 25 years, financial forecasters have claimed. Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder and world's...
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    Executive dodges $76,000 in train fares and pays it back after getting caught

    :eek: - Indeerdeep Bains - Daily Mail - April 14, 2014 A CITY executive dodged almost 43,000 ($76,000) in train fares for his daily commute to...
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    Topics that should be banned on Somersoft

    Have you ever clicked on the "New Posts" button and had a dozen new posts pop up that make no sense, or are factually incorrect, or very opinionated. Sometimes things get our of hand and keyboards get broken. The "roles eyes" smiles button gets pressed more often that not, & the moderators...
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    Calls for Sydney to be an official Yuan trading hub - ABC - 10.04.2014 - Emily Stewart
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    ...savings from just 3 reforms can save $594 million p/a for W.A.

    Scrap Royalties for Regions and Keystart, says WA's economic regulator - ABC - 11.4.2014 Lyndon Rowe - independent Economic Regulation Authority chairman.
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    Silent Sale ?!

    A silent sale in real estate is one whereby a property is marketed discreetly, without advertising the listed property to the general public. The property is usually marketed: - direct to a database of pre-registered & qualified buyers, and usually - through a preferred real estate agent...
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    Buyer pays cash for $102 million mansion - POLL - Excessive?

    Three billionaires in bidding war for French-style estate. - The Age The sale is a record for LA County, but the final price fell short of the national record of $117.5 million. This...
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    Best Real Estate Investment quotes or Investment quotes

    It would good to hear from fellow SS'ers regarding some of the best quotes they have heard or seen related to investment, &/or advice, & where it came from. :D A lot of people quote Donald Trump, Warren Buffet or other well known sources. Hopefully we can inspire some people, lets see...
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    All you need to know about Melbourne

    Chance of souvlaki: 10 charts that only Melburnians can understand Mitchell Toy - Herald Sun
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    Almost $80 million for a few months of work ...not bad ! Time Warner Cable chief executive Rob Marcus to receive $79 million - golden parachute :p AAP - 21.3.14 "...In addition, Marcus has the...
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    How will you retire on property? - POLL

    What is your property investment methodology? The majority of SS'ers are investing in property to provide themselves with financial independence at retirement. Reading the forum, some have specific plans and stick to them, others chop and change or evolve their ideas. Others are vague on how...
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    What is the most risky thing you have ever done?

    Some people are risk averse and stay away from certain investments, or situations unless they know more, while others jump in. What story can you share where in hindsight you really should have taken more due diligence, and how did it work out? What is the most risky thing you have ever...
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    A good article by Terry Ryder & an interesting experiment Here's a good article by Terry Ryder - 13.02.14 and an interesting experiment. --- A...
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    NAB Capital City House Price Forecasts 2014

    Property prices to keep growing News Limited Network - February 13, 2014 1:10PM PROPERTY prices are tipped to grow throughout all capital cities this year with new forecasts tipping...