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  1. Lissy

    Why sign the back of a cheque?

    Hubby went into a bank yesterday, with a US$ cheque in my name, to deposit into our joint account. I had signed the deposit slip. However the teller refused to accept it. She said that I had to sign the back of the cheque. So I want to know - WHY???? I can understand situations where I'm...
  2. Lissy

    Interesting turnaround for Jenman agent...

    I was checking out some new listings on this morning, and clicked on one that looked interesting - only to discover that it's an agent I've been to and a Jenman agent at that?!!! I've checked their agency website and it definitely says they're still a Jenman agent. What...
  3. Lissy

    Changing agents

    Hi all I have a situation where I've recently dealt with a particular agent within a RE agency, and was less than impressed by him. There's another house listed by that agency that I'd like to take a look at, but I really don't want to use the same guy. Is there a protocol I should follow? I...
  4. Lissy problem

    All my saved settings in appear to have been wiped. I'm definitely logged on. Is anyone else having the same problem? My skin goes cold at the thought of trying to reconstruct it all again... :eek:
  5. Lissy

    Maths Anxiety

    Oh, Please! "People who struggle with sums may be suffering from "maths anxiety", say British psychologists. They are looking at relaxation techniques to overcome the block. " Odd Spot, Melbourne Age, Monday April 4th
  6. Lissy

    Company title to strata title

    Hello everyone! I've done a search, but haven't found an answer to my question.... My SIL owns a unit in a complex under company title (in Victoria). They are interested in strata titling the units. I would appreciate some ideas on how to go about doing this, as it's not something I've done...
  7. Lissy

    Melbourne wrappers - meeting

    Hi everyone I said I'd post information on Lewis O'Brien's upcoming wrap information night when I had the information - so here it is! Keep smiling Felicity 8-) As previously foreshadowed, I am convening my second Wrap Update Seminar! The session is designed to keep you up to date with...
  8. Lissy

    Glass coffee jug

    Out of curiosity - the glass jug for our coffee percolator has developed some massive cracks. Any idea where I would source a replacement? It's one of these cheap no name brand ones, so I'm hoping a "generic" spare will fit, but have no idea what sort of store sells them!!
  9. Lissy

    Derivex - interest free loans?

    Hi all I picked up the web address for Derivex on another forum, and it looks very interesting. Interest Free Home Loans! Anyone have feedback on this? I'm particularly interested in the fact it doesn't need to be mortgage insured, as I'm maxed out on LMI!
  10. Lissy

    Increasing your credit card limit....

    I've discovered the secret for how to get the bank to raise your credit card limit! Put a lot of stuff on your card and max it out. Let the balance sit for a few months, just pay the minimum, then the next month pay it off, and continue to pay it off for a couple of months. I guarantee...
  11. Lissy

    Cashflow 202

    Woohoo!! Got the Cashflow 202 - The E-Game for my birthday, so that's the housework ignored for a few days.... :D
  12. Lissy

    CDs online

    Hi all I was wondering if there is an Australian site where I can browse the CD catalogue and purchase online? Failing that, is there a UK one? I have found some searching, I probably should say I'm looking for recommendations. The CDs I want are fairly old nowadays. Keep smiling felicity 8-)
  13. Lissy

    Jana Pittman

    so, how many people are going to be glued to their TV at 4.55am EST tomorrow morning? I know I am!! If she wins, it would have to be the story of the Olympics, or very close to it... :cool:
  14. Lissy


    Last night would have to be one of the best reasons I've ever had to get up at 230am. What an awesome night in the swimming at the Olympics! First the Thorpe / Hackett quinella in the 400m freestyle, then the women's relay team winning the 4 x 100m freestyle - what a finish! And more to...
  15. Lissy

    Timing of airfare purchase

    Hi All I'm curious - is there an "optimum" time to purchase airfares for interstate travel? For example, is it better to buy a long time in advance, or try to pick up bargains close to travel time? I'm looking at booking some airfares in September, and I noticed that although Virgin Blue has...
  16. Lissy

    Lance Armstrong

    Wow, what a champion! A record 6th tour de France after having incredibly rampant testicular cancer and nearly dying. Inspiring stuff. I've read both his biographies, and I'd recommend them. :)
  17. Lissy

    Knowledge Bank

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has some feedback on a group called Knowledge Bank promoting a weekend seminar to do with making money with websites. I notice it is headed by Jon Giann, who is/was associated with BreakFree Events. I ask because personally I'm less than impressed with the...
  18. Lissy

    House for removal

    Hi all Not sure if this is the right forum, as I'm not really selling anything.... Anyway, my mum and stepdad are moving out of their house shortly to make way for a 2 unit development on their block. So their 3 br WB house is going to get knocked down. It's in good condition, and it would...
  19. Lissy

    Plumber in Melbourne

    Hi all I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a plumber for the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Some nice person cut the 2 copper pipes on the hot water service. :mad:
  20. Lissy

    Cancelling a contract of sale

    Hi All This has probably been answered before, but I'm obviously using the wrong search code words! I want to know what happens if you decide you can't settle a property when you've already gone unconditional on the contract of sale. what penalties are involved? etc etc This is for Victoria.