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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    It's not doing too well for shareholders-stakeholders and they would not be there in business,unless one had the backup,but most people are more likely to fool themselves then others standing on the street corner trying to make a buck..
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    All-time funniest Somersoft threads

    There maybe was a few others that went the same way also,that's why never focus on media investment models,just like ******* into a high speed industrial it's only a number..
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    High Yielding Shares Again

    Buy a second-hand poptop Toyota campervan with solar and see Australia if you are already where you want to be,without being there then your no longer the boss or the worker you are inbetween,welldone..
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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    Only one way to find out join the site,your mate is already over there posting some good charts,and if Greece does a runner then you may see the explosive consequences you have talked about even with Gold still trending down,. good luck..
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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    That's good Datto, always pays to wait and see then make the entrance..
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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    datto, have you joined up on the other site?.
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    Future party leader

    Everyone opinions are important,,and you never stop learning,very easy to join up..
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    Why are you still here?

    Not any more..
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    End of an Era

    Everything changes over time,this site has been a measure of success for so many people,thanks to Jan and Ian,Sim thanks for the time for your longstanding commitment,and too all the independent thinkers that posted in this site,it's been a Australian Property Barometer,.. THANKS..
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    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

    Go for a drink down the Nimbin Hotel front bar,everyone one talks too is retired by 29,but all are on the sit down money disability pensions,so who is the dumb one, the person that works for 45 years in a job they don't like with people they don't like,or the person who walks into Doctor how...
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    Beach front property for only $16,000!

    Nothing happened just asked for the stones back and walked out the door'or I could have waited till he used the dunny and what was on the s/s quarter inch mesh,just makes one laugh at the tricks that people use...
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    Beach front property for only $16,000!

    I don't Leo,i only paided 500 bucks for a small 99y lease the last time I was up that way,and found several blue yellow sapphires went into town to get the stones valued by a gem cutter,and I was warned about this gentleman as he puts the stones in his mouth to clean the stones face,went out too...
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    Beach front property for only $16,000!

    Another 4k and you buy something like this,on a 99 year lease,and every time it rains go for a walk a pick up the blue sapphires..and some start a 5k with a 10 metre shaft already in place into the wash stream below the ground level...
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    Future party leader

    Sanj,it's good we live in a free thinking country,some places in the world and I can think of several,if you made statements like that,the black Mercedes would pull up in the carpark next too you and that would be the last anyone would see of you..
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    What's gonna stop the Sydney boom?

    Everyone has a different idea on mental-clarity,some investors think they are more unique then all the others standing in the que,big mistake to make when what may happen in a random way thinking you are in control becomes the opposite,:)..and by the way iv'e just sold 25%of all the banking...
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    What's gonna stop the Sydney boom? Maybe a simple black swan like this could spread a ripple world wide within a very short time period,or Greece knows how to insult people without offending them..
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    Is the axe being sharpened..

    The more one reads into the former occupations of some within Labor and with the start of the build up in media assassinations,will this just another killing field episode part 2,in 12 months time...
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    Repair to aircon unit?

    $732.55,plus as there will be other problems with a ten year old unit,vs a full refit for $1800.00,once AC units start to fade and the constant cost to keep them going,it's better just to go too one of the big outlets and buy the the new unit with the low cost install,just work out if it's a...
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    Brisbane- what to buy

    Go inner city and you will find some are a lot smaller then 405sqm,and range upwards too 812sqm then above 1000sqm,with a very high ucv..
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    Problem with Brisbane Council -- New Driveway and Tree

    Depending on the location in the BCC control area,we have Jacarandas in the front all on BCC property,the only time anyone touches them is when Energex trims the over hang going into the power grid,someone up the road cut one back and I don't think that ended too well..