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    Current Home Loan interest rates

    No. All individual.
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    Current Home Loan interest rates

    4.78 at Westpac. Think it is %1.2 discount. Had a few loans at this discount and others at 1.0 or 1.1 but they came to the party and applied it across all loans. The end rate is still higher than I could probably get else where but the lifetime discount is higher and they may not always be the...
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    Retaining Wall Issue

    200 series $5 or so to lay = 130*5=$650 caps $5 or so to lay =42*= $210 So allow maybe $1000 on just the blocklayer Demo do it yourself-----tip fees and the likes Supply blocks and caps- $3 a piece + delivery = $600 Supply sand, cement -...
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    Compare - What is your std variable interest rate?

    5.31% Westpac .
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    Drilling employment

    Over the last year or so I have been investing in myself. I have keen interest to gain employment in mining. My direction has been exploration drilling hence why I completed Cert 11 drilling operations HR licence and a swag of other licences, endorsements, tickets My experience for the last...
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    Thriving on Minimum Wage

    That menu is not enough to feed a man/woman who works a physical job or has any sort of exercise. $6 of chicken gets you about a breast and a half..... thats little lunch for 1 day . How does one buy the loo paper and other things to maintain a healthy household.....I know sometimes I shop...
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    Thriving on Minimum Wage

    If this mythical person has 1 job I'm pretty sure they could gain extra employment outside of the main income source. If they are physically able to work this shouldn't be a problem. People on a pension I'm not real sure what hope they have given they are on a fixed low income $330 a week? I'd...
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    New Home - Celebrating

    Tully pl used to be a business that offered a taste of the orient. Anyhows congrats on the purchase. The fam and I are still looking in know you have been looking...
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    Crace building project

    Give Stuart a call at They have a display at Crace and have quite a few plans. Don't get mixed up with the sales person at the display village have a look at it. But deal direct with either Stuart or Nathan. I think you will get a much better price...
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    Melbourne West Growth Corridor

    It's all about the sun and the amount of buses.
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    New PPOR?

    Same as you maybe just slightly different price point though. Been digging around for a while went to quite a few opens, auctions, have made offers which whilst low were probably about market the vendors are not moving very quick to meet the market. Does that make sense? They need more...
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    New PPOR?

    waterfall drive? I've been busy up that way of late.
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    Cost of Restumping+Reflooring?

    Give global restumping a wide berth. Use a one that has done a bit of local work. You'll get what you pay for with stumpers...... the bottom feeder are probably the ones you want to avoid. I would be getting your timber in the house for a few weeks before fixing it. Fixing floor boards...
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    Bricklayers...How much?

    $950/Thou in Canberra ATM plus your extra's.....sills, piers, cutting, height, sarking, ect
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    Predictions on the Canberra market

    Beehop........ no need to worry being the tea lady your job will be safe.
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    Canberra meetup

    The bride and I will be there with 2 children. Is there a child friendly area at the lighthouse? Im not much of a talker but don't mind a quiet Sunday session. To Geoff, I have dined on Subway Belconnen 2 days in a row this week..... thumbs up for the operation you run there.
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    Second Job

    How about being a driver for an escort agency. They are usually looking for people to deliver and protect the girls/boys. I would assume it would be a cash gig. Maybe worth doing a bit of door knocking
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    Do You Allow Pets?

    Maybe Im lucky...... even when we don't want them we get them. Having a bit of drama with the managing agent atm. Our backdoors got scratched by a dog and the agent missed it on the exit report. Have a go of this picture. Not sure how he missed it. If your looking for a agent in the Clifton...
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    1-3mm gaps between floorboards

    If you must fill the gaps ..........I would use some black sikaflex. Mask each joint up or metho rag your mess as you go. Use a compound that can be sanded. 290 DC would be the one. read here
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    Where are your properties?

    x1 house Abbotsford - VIC x1 house Clifton Hill - VIC x1 house Roxburgh Park - VIC x1 Carpark Melbourne - VIC x1 unit Manuka - ACT x1 house Queanbeyan - NSW Im 30 now and think this is where I will stop. I was chained to the mortgages for the last 10 years or so. Everything pays itself...