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    Mackay- latest real estate insight

    If you are still sitting on the fence about Mackay, the following links will give you a better insight. Longer term holds, would be the best option,as future growth is not going to stop anytime soon. The property market has seen a slight correction,due to the slowing resources sector, but...
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    Another Prediction - 10 boom areas

    Where is qld? Do any of you realy know where Qld is, and realise that Brisbane is NOT the only city where people eat, work and play?? Weather is great up here at the moment. Time for a quick break perhaps, to suss it out and get the REAL feel?
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    Chinchilla(Surat Basin) Vs Mackay

    Media hype and doom and gloom- massive FAIL Mackay is witnessing a slight correction at the moment, in line with the state of the economy, the rest of Australia, and the temporary culling and restructuring of bad assets and deadwood.Don't believe the media hype as gospel.Unless you know the...