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    Boglehead/Vanguard way to retire

    Am starting to save up for daughter's high schooling years, 8 years away. I've weighed up ETF (paying brokerage each time) for VAS/VGS vs investing in Vanguard managed fund directly, and have decided to go with ETF through commsec / nabtrade etc. Thanks to the posters who pointed out that the...
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    Boglehead/Vanguard way to retire

    Thanks, will look into it. Link is below if others are interested
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    Boglehead/Vanguard way to retire

    I'm looking at putting, say, $5k into VAS per year but I actually prefer to split that up into $400 lots per month which is what I currently do with my managed funds for dollar cost averaging. Paying brokerage each time means it doesn't work out so well to dollar cost average into an ETF...
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    Land Tax - Incorrectly charged?

    Agree with "you don't know what you don't know". We were in a similar situation to dan_89, were going to move into the new PPOR sometime in 2015 whenever the tenants vacated. Luckily for us (although it was a bit stressful at the time), they vacated a week before Xmas, and we moved in the...
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    Interest savings by using creditcard

    I put all my spending on the c card. it works if you are disciplined and helps if auto-payment is set automatically to pay off the amount required so you don't earn interest. Be aware, up to X interest free days (where X = 45 or 55) is just a maximum and you can't always get all transactions...
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    Best 'green' things to do to a home?

    Metro Sydney. What determines whether the location is a factor? Currently investigating the anticon insulation and odyssey, we have a peaked roof.
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    Somersoft addiction

    Surely the focus should be on quality, not quantity? :P Don't look at me like that, I have claims to neither :D
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    Best 'green' things to do to a home?

    No electricity ... you're killing me... I can't even go camping somewhere without hot showers!!
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    Best 'green' things to do to a home?

    Cool, thanks for the ideas, I will look into all those things. Forgot to mention we are getting the whole house re-done with LED downlights so that is another small step I guess. Bio water system - does this mean sewerage water is recycled for water for toilets and gardening etc? Can it be...
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    Thank you.

    Paul (PFI) has lots of good finance-related posts too - though I guess your list is mainly brokers but I still thought it was worth a mention :)
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    Best 'green' things to do to a home?

    Been tossing up some ideas as I want to reduce my environmental footprint, but getting stuck on what does actually have some environmental benefit and where the payback period won't be 20+ years! * Solar - we don't have a north-facing roof but seems this idea could be worth investigating *...
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    Thoughts on Wyong Nsw?

    Some big Chinese theme park planned in Warnervale apparently Cons: lower socio-economic area, most of my tenants have been single mums on Centrepay etc. I am ambivalent about Wyong & surrounds. It's the only place that...
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    Somersoft addiction

    Hmmm... *looks at the description under my username*... Yep me too!
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    First world problems

    When I was making my cup of tea the paper end of the string fell into the boiling water :(
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    Changing mindset from risk-averse to taking calculated risks

    Hi all, Recently I've been thinking about genetics and how my brain is wired. (In my family going back 2-3 generations, there is a clear anxious/OCD streak and also an ASD streak (autism spectrum disorder) - not saying necessarily the two things are linked, just saying that you can recognise...
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    Is it Hot, or What?

    Just curious when this 'last time' was that you mean? Do you mean the last peak 2002-03? We recently sold one of our places in Sydney too. We were starting to get over-exposed to the Sydney market (particularly in the inner west) so sold the ex PPOR for CGT free gains rather than one of the...
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    Rental furniture for a good sale?

    Makes a huge difference, I consider it worth every penny. usually your RE agent will organise quotes for this, I don't think you should have to organise it yourself...?
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    Second language

    Exactly the same in our house too, but in our house it's Chinglish. (Chinese / English)
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    Buying house in Kogarah or Carlton - south or any innerwest

    Out of the inner west, I would be looking at Ashfield, very large Asian population, lots of Asian grocery stores, cheap fruit barns, and fishmongers/butchers. Don't know much about Kogarah sorry. Cheers
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    NSW Central Coast

    Interesting article with the focus on Gosford and East Gosford. What are people's opinions on West Gosford vs East Gosford?