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    recommended builder in fairfield/cabramatta area

    Wondering if anyone have used any builders in the fairfield/cabramatta/liverpool area they'd recommend? im looking to do some minor reno's and fixes around an IP before I sell it off (fixing the roof, kitchen and potentially a new coat of paint). Thank you
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    Tax deduction for Family member borrowings for deposit

    Hi SS I have purchased a property, borrowing 80% funds from a bank. Unfortunatley I have not had enough time to top up my PPOR loan for the 20% deposit. Can I borrow 20% from a family member as a commercial agreement (contract etc), then after settlement, top up my PPOR loan for the 20%...
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    Renovate to sell

    Thanks .. the house is located in the fairfield (NSW) LGA. The place is pretty run down, although there is a long term tenant in place who seems to be happy . Im just not sure if I want to spend the $$ renovating so that it looks a lot more presentable. Comparable sales in the market has...
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    Renovate to sell

    Hi SS Wanted to get your thoughts on whether it is worthwhile renovating prior to selling. The situation I have is I have a good long term tenant in my IP. Im hoping to sell it early next year to free up some equity that I need .. the place is a little run down, bathroom and kitchen could...
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    Refinancing for 1st IP - Offset account and use of funds question

    Just stumbled on this thread and its a great help as im in a similar situation. Though i came acrosss this and had to ask... Is it a no-no for rent (or any investment income) to be paid into an offset account that is part of your ppor loan used for investment property? I.e like acct#3 in OPs...
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    Delaying Settlement 2012 Stamp duty NSW First Home

    I think OP means saving on interest earned from the deposit saved (rather than stamp duty). In other words, if OP has 50k deposit - that equates to $625 for 3 months at 5%. In any instance, as others have mentioned - just buy the place already. If its not a long term PPOR, the quicker you...
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    Funds for IP deposit, or wait for PPOR

    Hi All Need to get your thoughts on what my considerations are : Situation : I've recently sold an IP and have approx 200k to play with. I want to buy a PPOR soon (in about 6 months), Option A : Park the 200k in a high interest account for the time being, and use it as a deposit to...
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    Can I build 2 granny flats?

    Thanks for clarifying that everyone .. much appreciated !! =D
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    Can I build 2 granny flats?

    Hmm according to this though : one of the requirements (p2) is that the lot is not subdivided. Thus my question ... :confused:
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    Can I build 2 granny flats?

    I believe its across NSW Check this out. it has the details about 450sqm on the bottom of the brochure Thanks for everyones replies .. =) I might've thought there were some rulings against only having 1...
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    Can I build 2 granny flats?

    Hi All Would one be able to build 2x granny flats if : - I had a big block of land that was subdivid-able - I subdivided the block of land, then built a house on each block plus a granny flat on each block Would this be feasible ? What are some of the considerations whether or not...
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    Buyers Agent South western Sydney

    "the right group" do SW. ( altho their website is under revamp atm. You can attend their tuesday night meetings/catchups at rose hill rydes when they start up again in 2011. place to meet other prop investors, share experiences etc. Nathan Birch posts on this forum...
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    Home show - tickets a tax deduction.

    Hi W0nnie Whats better than a tax deductible ticket? a Half price ticket! Take a look at this: It appears to be the same show - half price tix applicable for both NSW and Vic
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    Finance article in this weekends AFR

    I have an AFR subscription, can post the article but cant find it. if OP can provide more details like the title or something i can search for....
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    DIY Tax for Trust

    Thanks for the input guys.. will check out the forms and see what happens. Even if I get an accountant to do it this yr .. I do want to eventually learn how to do it just out of interest . Will keep u informed cheers!
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    Student Accomodation vs Studio Apartment

    Hi Chen Im not from Melb but will give you my general thoughts. There are *usually* no restrictions on what is an investment properties for students. However you may find a block of units/flats/studios that are ideal for students because it is very close to the university or some other...
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    DIY Tax for Trust

    Hello, Wondering if anyone has lodged their own taxes for their DT? Just curious, as when starting up a trust and only having one maybe two properties - trying to save on costs as much as possible when its still fairly simple. Would still hire an accountant to do it for the more...
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    Property prices due to credit or demand?

    interesting article - thoughts/comments? Interesting how he says .... "It is the availability of credit that has the largest bearing on asset price bubbles"
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    Buyers' agents in Sydney, Are they really worth it ?

    Thanks Propertunity. I would have no doubt about using a BA for an area Im unfamiliar with (eg. Melbourne/Vic). However I am looking for a property in the sydney metro area (my "hood") and actually do have a bit of time to do my own research. So for that reason I may opt for doing it myself (and...
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    Buyers' agents in Sydney, Are they really worth it ?

    My understanding is a BA will look for the property that fits your criteria. If you know your criteria, whats the diff from going out and looking at properties yourself (apart from the BA potentially having access to properties that dont hit the market - probably a little rarer in todays...