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  1. Jakk

    Signed contract - accountant says "Don't do it!"

    CONGRATULATIONS!! ...and my house warming present to you is a little story You are standing on the train station platform waiting for a train that you intend to catch to travel to a place that is called “Closer to Richville” Your ultimate destination is “Richville” but there is no...
  2. Jakk

    Ordinary Millionaires

    Shane, It saddens me to read this, I too thought the book a great read. RIP Jim.
  3. Jakk

    An investor's 3 best friends?

    All the above are ranked very highly but none rate higher than EXPERIENCE regards
  4. Jakk

    A Small Observation

    Ahh, ....Music to my ears........but I refer to my big stick as a "Baseball Bat" regards
  5. Jakk

    Reno Hall of Shame

    The tiling around the taps just cracks me up! regards
  6. Jakk

    BIG Brisbane Meeting –July 2005

    Pissed myself laughing when I read this regards
  7. Jakk

    FREE Stuff - Lets share links

    I'm in HEAVEN thanks heaps peoples regards
  8. Jakk

    Jury Duty - Sydney

    I'm jealous of all you people, I wish they'd ask me too. I'd feel sorta important sitting there having both the proscecution and defense teams trying to convince me of the merits of their evidence. I NEVER get to do any of the fun stuff! regards
  9. Jakk

    end of FY

    A large contribution to your own SMSF. I believe this is one of the best ways to legally lower your taxable income whilst still having control over the funds invested. regards
  10. Jakk

    Heavy Metal Parking Lot

    Mark Knopfler Sat. 12th March this year, Rod Laver Arena, 6 rows back from stage, unbelievable. Can this man play guitar or what! So Impressed flew up to Sydney, got 4th row tickets for Knopfler show at Enmore Theatre in Newtown for Tuesday 15th. This show even more unbelievable. Have posted...
  11. Jakk

    When DA not given, then what?

    G'Day OSS, Now I'm not located in Mt Isa or Weipa and I'm definately no expert in planning matters in your neck of the woods (or anywhere else for that matter). But,....if I was in your predicament, the first thing I'd do is check (have a look over the fence) and see how much land was...
  12. Jakk

    Got your new TFT flat screen monitor yet?

    BTW, forgot to mention, the biggest drawback about using one of these monitors is when you use your laptop again. You look at it and think, there's gotta be something wrong here, the screen is just too small (on the laptop that is). regards
  13. Jakk

    Got your new TFT flat screen monitor yet?

    G'Day all, Bought a 19" LCD TFT about 8 mths ago, exactly the same one as the EBay link below. Great monitor although the built in speakers aren't real crash hot. I am no computer guru so I aint sure about all the bells & whistles that it incorporates. I plugged it in and it works great...
  14. Jakk

    Under Contract / Under Offer

    Kev, basically the same procedure in Victoria although not all contracts are conditional (have conditions). If there are no conditions on the contract (unconditional contract), then it's a deal (SOLD), but only after the cooling off period expires (if a cooling off period is applicable). BTW...
  15. Jakk

    Why are smart people so stupid.

    Personally, I'd say nothing. Insinuating that someone is Ignorant or making a cutting remark in a smart way, is not a good way to Win Friends & Influence people. I will leave you with 3 of Dale Carnegie's quotes to ponder over. When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with...
  16. Jakk

    I cannot find tenants! Help please

    Thanks for picking me up on that Acey, I'm off to breed some more rats in order to ensure that I remain true to my title. Thats it you got it Macca, JAKK SNAS (Sensitive New Age Slumlord) Still in top form and on a roll I see Geoffrey, or is that a Footlong? regards
  17. Jakk

    I cannot find tenants! Help please

    Sim, You've impressed the sh ite out of me! I have a sort of formula too and it works something like this: When speaking to the PM, I say these words........ .."What sort of dollars is gonna get me a tenant within a week?" Now the PM knows how to interpret my formula and she knows...
  18. Jakk

    Values in Holland

    You definately are in fine form today Geoffrey. regards
  19. Jakk

    What is happening?

    I'm even interested at 39% less regards
  20. Jakk

    Need Great PM Werribee Victoria

    Asy, Is that the place that Sue K...s works at? regards