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    End of an Era

    Wow - end of an era all right !! Thanks SO much, Jan and Ian..... and of course Sim and the other Mods and Admins. And all you numerous others with whom I have enjoyed talking, meeting, playing (Cashflow101, etc) and drinking..... (Another Jimmy Boags please). It has been fun, and also a...
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    Go to UserCP, click on Settings and Options, then look for "Edit Ignore List" - click there, add the name, click Save - and you're done, Regards,
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    RSJ - free to a good home...

    Thanks for the input - I've used Ebay as a buyer, but never looked at "selling" on it. And then, I wasn't sure this kind of object was likely to be a "sell". But I'll check it out... meantime, though, if anyone on here DOES have a need - the offer stands, at least for another week - only...
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    If you are planning on "spanning a gap"

    G'day all, If you are planning a "downstairs room", but would need to span a gap of 6m+ (and it would cost an arm and a leg for a beam) - read on..... I've posted in Coffee Lounge - have an RSJ for free (7 metres long). For anyone in Sydney (or willing to travel to Sydney ;) )...
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    RSJ - free to a good home...

    G'day all, Are you needing an RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist) to span a decent width? Some may know it as "I-section". Are you happy to re-use one that is probably several decades old, but appears to be in good health (though has surface rust, naturally enough). And it's free, gratis, and...
  6. RSJ for Free - Length

    RSJ for Free - Length

    Free to a good home - just come get it.... Please PM me first, to arrange time/place, etc.
  7. RSJ for Free - Height

    RSJ for Free - Height

    Free to a good home - just come get it.... Please PM me first, to arrange time/place, etc.
  8. RSJ for Free - Width

    RSJ for Free - Width

    Free to a good home - just come get it.... Please PM me first, to arrange time/place, etc.
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    "It's only a rental"

    G'day Mr and Mrs Adria, Good work, guys - I'm a firm believer that if two people always agree, only one brain is working. So, stick with it, work it out to your mutual satisfactions, and turn this little sucker into a "goer". First one for us, I took 2 weeks off work (Annual Leave)...
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    Letter to employees - This IS the way it is

    G'day TF, It's obvious YOU do, TF. But no, I try to be a little more open-minded than that. If "capital for productive investment is suffering", HOW is that the fault of resi landlords? I provide accommodation for others who can't yet afford their own properties (didn't YOU start off...
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    Letter to employees - This IS the way it is

    G'day John, HELLUVA post, man !!! Ain't THAT the truth !!! Hopefully, at the next election, people will see this - if not...... (doesn't bear thinking about) :eek: Regards,
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    "The Gloom Boom & Doom Report"

    Though I haven't been asked for a re-valuation, NAB have intimated that "values have dropped" - thus refusing further Equity loans Yes, mine is a Resi property - the only one I have with NAB (thank heaven). They appear to be "battening down the hatches" big-time and invoke draconian NAB...
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    Property prices falling?!?!?!?

    Hi Essence, You and Yorke have made my day !!! With this:- and Go ahead - make my day..... again - both of you !!! :p I'll check in tomorrow :p Regards,
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    Mortgage Choice Brokers

    Game, set and match !!! Ain't that the truth..... :cool: Regards,
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    5 year fixed rates thread

    G'day Goanna, That was SO well said - and, yes, it is all relative to each individual situation for sure. Regards,
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    The 2009 positive thread!

    G'day Steve, Kudos for a great thread :cool: What a good idea !! Me too - all on the up-and-up for 2009. 2008 was hard, especially when the RBA and Banks combined to lift repayments by nearly 20% since Nov07. (They called it 1.3%, but we know better eh?) My costs (between...
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    5 year fixed rates thread

    G'day Chilliaa, I can't answer for the forum. All I can say, is that things (for me) became serious after Mar 08. First, a few facts (with comment from me) RBA increases Aug 06 - increase 0.25% to 6% cash rate Nov 06 - increase 0.25% to 6.25% cash rate Aug 07 - increase 0.25% to...
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    BankWest INCREASES fixed rates

    G'day JIT, Usual deal - Variable overshoots and undershoots Fixed. So, when do you Fix? Hmmm, for me, it's around the time when a 5yr Fixed suddenly becomes more expensive than the Standard Variable. (Gives me a goal to shoot for, really). Of course, this current GFC adds a...
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    5 year fixed rates thread

    G'day again, Hehe - first off, I had to have a giggle at "the best brains in Australia" comment. In short, the RBA cost me HUGELY by chasing the "inflation demon", while blind Freddy could tell them that things were on a meltdown. (Now known as the "Global Financial Crisis"). And don't...
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    5 year fixed rates thread

    G'day Nth Brisbanite, There really is no great mystery. In short, if we Fix when rates are low, as Variable gets higher than Fixed, any Break Costs are negligible, or even non-existent. When the situation reverses, all bets are off !! If we Fix when rates are high, we get "done...