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    Any Recent Fixing Regrets?

    Almost locked in for 3yrs @ 4.29% a fortnight ago - glad I waited it out now as should be able to grab something in the 3.?% now. I notice quite few online lenders were already starting to offer 3.99% even weeks/months ago.
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    I notice there is an $80M Meatworks about to get underway in the Toowoomba region (just announced) - can't be bad for the area.
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    Newbie - basic accounting/tax info

    Thanks Paul ( and others ) for simple yet effective explanations and examples.' Can also recommend highly the Somersoft PIA software - easy to use and lays it all out in black and white.
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    Cost Base calculations - vacant block

    Have searched the forum for this, but can't quite find exact answer I need - hopefully a straight forward ( and simple ) question for one of you more knowledgeable than I : Purchased a vacant block of land 3yrs ago with intention to build our PPOR on ( zero intentions of ever being used for...
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    Principal And Interest Or Interest Only?

    I look at is like this - the bank ( or 'lender' ) is just a tool to allow me to buy and hold my investment properties. Unfortunately for most of us, this 'tool' is a necessity to achieve what we want to end up with ( ie. a portfolio of a number of properties, held at minimal cost to us. )...
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    Pros/Cons of buying land package and building for investment?

    Going through that exact process right now actually... at the Sunshine Coast Land settles this coming weekend, and house completed (hopefully...!) by Christmas. Have done as much homework as I can regarding the 'house and land package' thing for new estates, and I ended up just finding an...
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    QS Depreciation Schedule - 'Off the Plan'

    The builder has provided a reasonably comprehensive 'list of inclusions' for the house, as well as the normal plans/construction details for the building itself. I would think it's probably enough detail to give most QS's a good guide - but part of me just wants them on site, so absolutely...
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    QS Depreciation Schedule - 'Off the Plan'

    Regarding getting a Deprication Schedule done for a newly built house, there is an option to have the QS do the report up 'off the plan' , so to speak, as in - no site visit to the actual house - just going by information you provide to them, ie. build price, quality of inclusions, etc, etc...
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    Bundaberg - starting to move...(..thanks Gladstone!)

    Yeah I hear the Uni here had a record increase ( % wise) in enrolment, for the state, or something recently... Ipswich - yes, for sure, but the beaches there just aren't as appealing as Bargara's, ;) I think Ipswich growth driven by a different means than Bundy - the industrial...
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    Bundaberg - starting to move...(..thanks Gladstone!)

    Own a number of IP in Bundy/Bargara, and generally keep a pretty close eye on what's happening with property here. Been in the papers & on the news for some time now about the "Gladstone Effect" - but like most, I always treat this hype with caution But.... in saying this, I have noticed a...
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    Basic/Simple PM Software

    Cheers Rixter, i'll go out to HN's this arvo and see.. just seems like Manacom may have finished releasing it or something....
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    Basic/Simple PM Software

    Property Manager Pro - gone??? Is PM Pro still available..? .....or am i doing something wrong when searching for it online..? Manacom's website doesn't seem to have it listed for download/purchase.....? Anyone help me find it..? Cheers, Rod
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    Is Bundaberg a good investment for house & land?

    Mate, heaps for sale in Bundy at the moment....but yep, definitely an abundance of land, and houses, thus keeping prices as low as i've seen in years.... Will stay low for quite a while yet i can assure you. I picked up a 3b/r brick place last month for $200k neat, and it's returning...
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    New estate vacant blocks - covenant

    cheers Boods, yeah it's definitely going to be a developer's covenent, and not a council one, ( i do know that much at this stage) So guess I will just have a good read when it comes out, and decide where to go from there... Thanks again
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    New estate vacant blocks - covenant

    No, not sure yet, as covenant hasn't even been finalized for this estate yet. The Real Estate who is marketing the estate has told me they are waiting on the developer to release it. I've kinda 'got in early' on this, as it is just up the road from where i currently live. Real Estate has...
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    New estate vacant blocks - covenant

    Hi all, We are seriously considering the purchase of 2 x blocks of vacant land , side by side, in a brand new housing estate, in my town. One of them will be to build our 'dream home' on, and will become our PPOR. The other block, I would like to just keep vacant, so as we can have a huge...
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    Bank Valuations?

    I think basically a lot of the valuers do a 'drive by' and just see if the property (at a glance, ) will get them there money back should you get into trouble with your loan.... And then just put that figure (whatever the contact price is) on their paperwork. I would guess it's a conservative...
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    Going about it the wrong way....?

    Thanks again for the info and explanations everyone. Much appreciated. I think I am slowly starting to learn whats going on..Slowly.. So at the end of the day, (ie. 10 or 15yrs time, when i'm 50 ), how will I be able to have an income from the properties, if they've all been IO loans..? I...
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    Going about it the wrong way....?

    Thanks guys. I would dearly love to be dropping back to part-time/casual work, by 10-years time, thus freeing up a lot more 'family time'... Rolf - yes, at some stage in that time, there would also be the likelyhood of a change of PPOR - although not for at least the next 5 years. The...
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    Going about it the wrong way....?

    hi all, been investing in property for a few years now, but am still VERY green at how it all works, in relation to loan structures, gearing ,etc... And reading through these (very helpful !) forum threads over the past few months, I'm beginning to think i'm going about it (somewhat..), the...