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    taking advantage of a landlord

    Sad situation which needs to be halted, everything recorded and stabilised in legal tenancy terms with Tribunal orders to cover the necessary clarifications. Good luck with the mess. Needs a very capable PM on the job stat. Cheers crest133
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    compensation? faulty oven

    Which insurance company or stove brand name or retailer is taking so long ? Tenant has entitlements from you, and sounds like you have entitlements from the supplier , insurance co or retailer. Got any more details for us ? Every day makes you look worse as a landlord, might be worth...
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    Port Stephens PM

    Lorraine at Ray White Salamander 02 4982 7800 Cheers crest133
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    Tenant not paying water bills

    Xenia is on the money. Start paying it yourself and you might as well start paying the rent for them as well. Also you may compromise your lease. It's a breach and should be handled as such and done correctly and quickly and decisively by the PM. The amount is irrelevant. Tell the PM to get on...
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    Coronis Real Estate Agents asking for Veda Check before submitting offers

    Perhaps you should charge a consultancy fee for that Rolf. Cheers crest133
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    A question about Mould

    High humidity and poor ventilation encourage mould. In a wardrobe high humidity can be caused by putting clothes in the wardrobe that are not properly dry. Also lack of ventilation is a factor and can be avoided by venting robes into the roof space or adding side or rear vents, or leaving the...
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    Tenant not vacating

    Speaking from personal and professional experience, most of which I'd rather forget, eviction, or more politely regaining possession of the property, is not for the faint hearted or amateurs. By all means follow the processes to learn all about it, but I suggest you engage a professional...
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    Pay for Smoke Alarm Maintenance & Inspection: Yay or Nay???

    Had a company replace the smoke alarm battery a few days ago. It took 5 mins in and out max, removed my Duracell Alkaline 9v battery and replaced it with a no name battery, and waiting for the bill. Neurosurgeon rates. Cheers crest133
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    Tenant wants air con

    Could be interesting to estimate how many vacant weeks' rent would pay for aircon ? And how often there is a change of tenants and include the cost of a changeover of tenants. Cheers crest133
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    Tenant broke lease - who pays the letting fee?

    When a tenancy is terminated, either by mutual consent or by Tribunal Order, the landlord is only entitled to rent up to the date of termination, meaning the last day of the tenancy. So the tenant is not "breaking the lease" in the usual sense by moving out before the end of the fixed period of...
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    Tenant broke lease - who pays the letting fee?

    Suggest you email the complete situation to the PM with CC to the licencee asking that the matter be cleared up in your favour otherwise you'll request an investigation of their behaviour and an audit by Fair Trading or what ever the Dept is called in your state. Slack PM. Good luck cheers...
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    Death of Tenant

    With due respect to the deceased and family. I've dealt with an unexpectedly deceased lone tenant, car crash. Fortunately I found next of kin, who was executor, moved belongings into storage with their help. Waived lease notice requirements and charged one week's extra rent by mutual...
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    Property Managment courses

    Explain the situation to the Dept Fair Trading Real Estate licencing section because they issue an array of property management licences and you might fit one of them. Cheers crest133
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    Landlord holding party in tenant's house

    Landlord signed away his rights to enter, use or occupy the premises for any reason other than the lease and the law allows him to do as a landlord. That's limited to repairs, emergency repairs, limited number of inspections p.a. with appropriate notice at reasonable times, and abandoned...
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    renting to a 8x-year old

    Property owners would scream if any PM didn't take all factors into consideration when assessing and vetting tenants. Sometimes some of those "illegal" factors must be considered. While their maintenance skills may not be as strong and active as they once were or like tradies, not many 80 yr...
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    Pool pump

    Cop it sweet but reach a written understanding re pool maintenance and repairs. Leaves should not bypass a skimmer basket and the second filter basket unless they're ignored. Pools and tenants are just like gardens and tenants. Good luck cheers crest133
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    Evaporative cooling on my IP is broken just befor Christmas

    Definately get extra quotes, sounds like overpriced. Personally I prefer evaporative in lower humidity areas as it's cheaper to run, reduces dryness, adds about 20% humidity, tenant pays water and elec. Also can be directed to vent any room in any direction, especially helpful to vent...
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    How do you work out the last rent payment

    It's fair to ask the tenant for full payment according to the terms of the lease, just as you as a landlord are expected to provide the premises for the full time period specified in the lease. Most tenants don't want their record to show a deduction to the bond so payment of $25 is fair and...
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    Good PM in Wyong area (Central Coast)?

    I managed a rent roll in Wyong, so glad I did from an educational standpoint but so glad I eventually quit. It's a socio-economically challenged area with premium properties on the fringe, rich and poor together. John Laws, Singo, Neville Wran, Centrelink, racecourse. There are at least 4...
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    Tenant broke lease - who pays the letting fee?

    Generally the tenant breaking the lease is responsible for any costs that the landlord would not have had to pay had the tenant abided by the lease. The point of the lease is to provide secure stable tenure for a set agreed period for the tenant and secure income without relet fees for the...