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    What level of service should I expect from a property manager?

    Would you mind sharing how you negotiate? With a current agent or a new one? Do you simply offer less or does the PM offer fewer services, eg half yearly inspections instead of quarterly? Thanks
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    I couldn't leave SS without contributing to the thread of the century. fullysick, have you considered encouraging the students to use the heater less? I found these 2400w fan heaters on ebay: Since...
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    Melbourne Get Together Tues 9th June Mitcham Hotel

    I'll be there, it's been quite a few months since I caught up with you guys and gals. Looking forward to it.
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    QLD - Covering an outdoor porch area - need council permits?

    I have an IP that has a rear outdoor paved area of approx 4x2m. It has a wood frame for a verandah roof, it appears it may have had shade cloth covering it in the past. The frame is sturdy, 100x100 posts and significantly overengineered in my opinion. However there's no tin or laserlite roof. I...
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    What level of service should I expect from a property manager?

    This is a generic question, I don't really know what I should expect as an answer. I've had an investment property in Mooroolbark VIC for a few years and have gotten used to leaving the PM a number of messages and I sometimes get a call back. I believed this was normal. In the last year I...
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    End of an Era

    Dear Jan, Ian, the moderating team and especially all the contributors. Over the past five years, I was an active lurker since I didn't have much to contribute. The valuable information on this site was a significant building block in my property portfolio. It has greatly educated and...
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    Hypothetical: If a rental is storm damaged & tenant needs temp accomodation.

    Does the tenant have any recourse against the landlords insurance since they'll be paying significantly more for temporary accommodation while the rental property is repaired?
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    Melb Get Together Tues 14th Oct

    I'll be there, looking forward to it. Thanks
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    Frankston meet up

    Is this still going ahead? I'd like to attend but unsure if either of the two are online to advise the location :|
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    Safety Switch

    Won't be long before safety switch spruikers begin offering their $99/year maintenance plans, for your peace of mind of course. I've often thought a business idea is too dumb, I'm often wrong. Are safety switches known to fail?
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    Why not having children is best thing ever

    Victoria does have a 24 week cooling off period.
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    IP with bad neighbors

    Thank you for the replies. I paid another visit to nearby neighbors and learned lots. They tell me the troublesome ajoining house with loud music, junkyard and scum residents is owned by the occupiers from an inheritance. Those residents are disliked by all I spoke with, cause excessive noise...
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    IP with bad neighbors

    Hi, first time poster. Have one IP, a small 2br unit in Knox. Found an excellent looking and located IP where the price is good but houses on both sides are poorly maintained with lots of rubbish on the front and back yards. I drove past a few times during the week and one of the houses has...