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    Early release of deposit ?

    Reply: From: Dianne Ferrara I have a question re deposit bonds. My OTP is due to settle in Feb 03, however my deposit bond will expire in Dec 02. When I signed the contract I was told the property would settle Nov 01 and settlement has been delayed several times. Is it...
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    Last minute jitters on wraps

    Reply: From: Dianne Ferrara Hi Darren, nice to hear an inspirational story on wraps. I am about to take the plunge sooon! Di
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    buying a business

    Reply: From: Dianne Ferrara Hi Kristine, My friend owns a coffee & nuts import business and it is located in Thomastown and Dandenong. Hope this helps. Thanks to all who replied! Di
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    buying a business

    Reply: 1.1 From: Dianne Ferrara Hi, My friend would like to sell his business and I have suggested that he go through agents who specialize in this area. As I don't know who they are, I haven't been of much help to him. Does anyone know who these agents might be??? Thank you in...
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    It can't happen to me syndrome

    Reply: 2 From: Dianne Ferrara Hi Sue, commiserations, similar thing happened to me. Put it down to experience and let Karma do the rest. It does get better! Di
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    Areas to wrap ???

    Reply: From: Dianne Ferrara That's Burwood, Sydney re Wraps nite?
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    SMH HK Article

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: Dianne Ferrara I heard that HK is worth about 80 million. It wouldn't surprise me...just wish I hadn't contributed to it!!!! Di
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    Reply: From: Dianne Ferrara Very cute Scott! Do you have copywrite on it??? Di
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    No Topic

    From: Dianne Ferrara Hi, thanks for the words of encouragement, they are appreciated! To answer your questions Sergey, I made a mistake with my 60 day notice calculation by 1 day (you are expected to calculate 60 + 4 or 5 depending on whether you send application at the beginning or end of...
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    No Topic

    From: Dianne Ferrara Hi, reading Michael's comments on tenants and how 'creative' they can be I thought I might share my bizarre experience with my tenant (at a seaside location) and the trials and tribulations inflicted on me by VCAT! It all started last year when having tried several...
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    No Topic

    From: Dianne Ferrara Hi, I have a ticket to the John Burley 'Winning The Money Game' event, Wed.7 Nov. Grand Hyatt in Melb 7-9.30pm The tix are usually $65 but I'm selling it for $55. Please let me know if you are interested 0419524421 Thanks, Dianne
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    on selling

    From: Dianne Ferrara Hi, to all those who replied to my questions re on selling. Thank you. Your advice is appreciated and well heeded. I am going to err on the side of caution and not jump into anything. As for the 10 yr guarantee, the developer puts up $5k and I contribute $1k per yr as...
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    on selling

    Reply: 1.1 From: Dianne Ferrara Hi Rolf, thanks for your reply! RE stamp duty implications, I am only aware of stamp duty paid on land and the developer absorbs GST costs. Is this what you meant? Dianne
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    on selling

    From: Dianne Ferrara Hi, I'm relatively new to the world of investing but I have recently purchased an off the plan which settles in May 2002. I believe it is a very good buy and have been offered a 10 yr rental guarantee at 6% which I have taken. My question is this: there are other...