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    Tenant debt soars to $41m

    you would think that, however given what I have seen, radiorental contracts for ipads and a raft of other consumer subscriptions like foxtel and other junk seem to rank above shelter
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    Tenant debt soars to $41m

    there is so much risk with resi investment that is not reflected in yield - the laws are so anti-owner it's ridiculous. Seems its just par for the course to stop paying your rent 4 weeks before bailing,don't bother cleaning anything, run up a decent ol water bill, trash the joint and then...
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    Are Chinese boom suburbs the mining boom suburbs of tomorrow

    'mining' towns yield 10-12%, where as most resi dross yields about a quarter of that. resi dross is bought on speculation of capital gains, not income, so if there is stuff all income and you lose capital then it aint pretty
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    2012 Medium size car recommendations

    after having problems with some cars I would avoid largish cars that rely on placing high demands on 4 cylinders, too much technology and parts and pressure points on the system. economy on big cars is pretty good anyway. I had a 2012 mazda 2 and a 1997 commodore, very little difference in...
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    End of an Era

    this is nuts. If I don't migrate I will have so much more free time on my hands:)
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    Brace for even higher price!

    the funding offer was in 2 x tranches, 1 for the land, 1 for the build. the land was roughly $2m, plan was to split the block in half, build a $1m house each side, sell each for $2.5ish. they funded the land, then GFC took a grip, my end product halved in value. the lender, allco finance, said I...
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    Brace for even higher price!

    nah, no chance
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    What's gonna stop the Sydney boom?

    reality (likely)
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    Perth Property Market updates

    12,000 is nothing was the gist. half of them are probably from NZ and over east anyway. A drop in the ocean compared to the closure of auto manufacturing
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    Small townhouses vs luxury townhouse?

    the problem is you are trying to achieve 2 conflicting outcomes. Decide what you want then act accordingly. If you can build high end spec and as an alternative use it as a PPOR then that is a good back up plan. If you don't hand on heart really want to sell, accept it is a lifestyle...
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    Perth Property Market updates

    I'm seeing green shoots. Agree with what the article says at least to the extent of the 'end' of the mining boom being overstated. Good time to buy tho with sentiment so down - as MTR says just research your market and act accordingly. We have seen that even in a severely under supplied...
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    Brace for even higher price!

    interesting story. A life destroying one if you are the subject of it. I knew and heard of several people taken down during the gfc that had $xx or $xxx million in equity. banks are funny beasts, they will goto the end of the earth tracing some poor sod down for his delinquent credit card, yet...
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    Brace for even higher price!

    Collapse? no idea, maybe, maybe not. Not much in the economy is giving me confidence, one out of control price bubble in Sydney and you'd be forgiven for thinking Australia has found an elixir. A bubble has developed because of pure asset speculation, not economic fundamentals. Pimco issued...
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    Phones - land line/mobile

    I gave up on internet plans delivered over fixed lines, just use the hot spot on my mobile, works great and it goes with me if I am away for the weekend, waiting between school pick ups, in town at a meeting etc.
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    Share your "but this time it's different" stories

    $25k for a corolla?! there should be an enquiry into that
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    Facing a war

    mistakes have undoubtedly been made, however as a western country don't we need a western ally? we can't defend ourselves and the US is the only big mate that we have. they may annoy us and be a bit mean occasionally but there is no one else to befriend. there will be a decision point... US...
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    the other thing is that often 'wholesale' is a pitch word for being a developer. Developers get rewarded. why? because they carry risk.
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    Brace for even higher price!

    real estate doesn't grow in a linear fashion, it moves in cycles, so it will happen it's just a matter of when. the higher it goes and the later you are to the party the more it will hurt
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    Brace for even higher price!

    yeh have messed around with plenty of those sorts of developments, can't see me rushing back there in a hurry. there's more fat and quicker turn around in single resi spec homes IMO. where it does seem to work well is for vertically integrated developers/builders/trades
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    Brace for even higher price!

    people tend to feel that because the thought of prices dropping with the market as hot as it is now just seems too far removed