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  1. Phil_H

    Vale RossV :(

    And that detached hand in the photo is mine, pointing out to Ross that his beer level is getting low ... I'm sure he thanked me in his usual way. RIP Ross
  2. Phil_H

    Tonight's eclipse (post your pictures here)

    No blood, then lots of cloud ... disappointed
  3. Phil_H

    Chat Room

    I was without ADSL for 18 months after moving to Qld, so yeah, I've been away for a while. I might change my avatar to a cane toad and and drop into the chat room soon. /me looks for mIRC ;-)
  4. Phil_H

    Gladstone rental market

    QUEENSLAND'S mobile army of workers cashing in on the mining boom has topped 35,000 in what is being described as one of the biggest social and economic movements in the state's history. Mining rush brings hope and angst across Queensland as army of workers on the move
  5. Phil_H

    Gladstone QLD - How is it Going????

    We had a tenant in Tannum Sands wanting to break their lease for personal reasons last week, our PM said she will have no trouble increasing the current rent of $350, to $390-$400 and have someone move in within days ... I hope she's right ;-)
  6. Phil_H

    The Road

    I liked the audio book much better than the movie
  7. Phil_H

    Canberra Property Manager

    I'll 2nd that .. they have looked after my fathers ip's for years and do a great job. I wish some of my pm's would take some lessons from them.
  8. Phil_H

    Free websites? looking for own domain name

    You can buy a .info domain from godaddy for 89 cents ... and a years unlimited hosting on ebay for $4.30 ... That still leaves you $44 for beer :D
  9. Phil_H

    Recharging Standard Batteries

    I've got a ReZAP Battery Doctor RBC883 from Rezap Works OK, you might get a few extra charges into an alkaline but I don't think they have the same capacity as a new alkaline. Works best if you put the batteries in the charger after every use ... if you run them flat they don't recover...
  10. Phil_H

    restauraunt for 1 dollar, canberra

    I'm not sure where in Kambah that is, so I can't comment on it's location, but just for a comparison, I rent 165 sqm for over $1000 per week in Erindale (couple of Km from Kambah) Our lease is up soon and we have looked around to gauge the current rents in the area and $300 to $350 plus GST...
  11. Phil_H

    How to get rid Ants?

    Plenty of insect info here ...
  12. Phil_H

    Anyone heard of the Better Business Institute?

    Better Business Institute
  13. Phil_H

    Gladstone QLD

    Hi tubs, My PM in Tannum Sands sent me a few PDF's this month about what's happening in the area, and yes, the Santos deal sounds like good news :) Included in the email was this ... "A Resort coming to Boyne Island: This will consist of a world class 18 hole championship golf...
  14. Phil_H

    Wanna chat?

    Many of the names on that list are logged on 24/7 and might be busy doing other things, like working :( or cooking lasagna, chasing kids, or sleeping. The chatroom chat is sporadic and it might take 1 minute .... or several hours before you see someone chats. The chatroom can be a...
  15. Phil_H

    The Interview #11

    Thanks Ruby for another fantastic interview :) And thank you Keith for sharing that with us, a great insight into how diversifying your investments can payoff big time when done well. Cheers Phil
  16. Phil_H

    Printer/Scanner/Copier that takes CHEAP ink cartridges?

    Hi wylie I do a lot of printing and buy my cartridges in bulk off eBay. Printer Accessories & Supplies For instance, my Epson printer takes 6 cartridges @ $18ea = $108 retail :eek: eBay (depending on quantity) 6 cartridges @ $1.55ea = $9.29 :D You occasionally get a dud one .... but at...
  17. Phil_H

    Leverage Game for Sale Brad Sugars

    I'll bid $27AU ... or if you can give me vendor finance .... six payments at $5.84 :D Cheers Phil
  18. Phil_H

    Buy Now Or Wait For The Bust?? Consider This Scenario Please

    Best of luck picking when to "gauge" that one. The last boom probably started in Sydney, and might have finished in Perth ... but it did a hell of a zig zag all over the country before getting there .... as PT_Bear said, I'm all out of crystal balls too :D Cheers Phil
  19. Phil_H

    Paradise on the Gold Coast

    Well as long as Mrs Les is in charge of the interior decorating of the BnB then book me in :) And I promise not to bring a paper copy of your post to show the Mrs if the price is right :D Cheers Phil
  20. Phil_H

    Paradise on the Gold Coast

    Sorry Les, but I think Mrs Les is right, that pine panel looks sooo dated ... I'll bet you still wear safari suits to work :D But it's good to hear about the BnB value adding to the retirement plan .... just make sure the fridge is big enough for when I visit ;) Cheers Phil