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    End of an Era

    Many thanks to all - especially Ian and Jan for the initial idea and charitably supporting SS for so long. Innovative and insightful thinking so many years ago. Will be a bit sad to lose the feel of the old site, though it will exist in archive. Looking forward to Sim's new toy!
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    Clueless unsupportive mother

    You need to watch this.... Seriously. Right to the end.
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    Investment Scenario - looking for opinions

    13 weeks of vacancy is not realistic. Average is 1-2 weeks a year for most urban areas.
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    Ikea on Checkout

    lol. Flatpack, I assume!
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    Journey so far - $75k salary (average), 5 years, 10 properties

    Awesome work in such a short space of time! Where in Logan did you end up buying? The unit in Redcliffe also seems to have a great yield.
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    Brookwater, QLD?

    No probs. Will be interesting to see if it does get built. And if it does, whether it is a success or not.
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    Brookwater, QLD?

    Its one of the best 'public' courses in Australia. Nowhere near the best course in Australia - # 32 on this list. I've played a lot of golf, and its a nice course, but not enough to invest half a billion around.
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    Share your story if retired before 53 in Australia

    Ace - you are a man after my own heart. Next time you are in Brissy, we need to hit the gym, have a game of golf, play hold em with the boys and talk shares and subdivisions.
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    Brookwater, QLD?

    I heardabout the resort, but still don't get it. Plenty of other resorts on the north and south coast. Ipswich not really a tourist destination.
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    Brookwater, QLD?

    A lot of development just down the road at Springfield. Shopping centre doubling in size, a Bunnings going in, new hospital I think, and some big corporate investment coming. If she can hang on for a few more years, I think prices will grow well.
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    Rewarding good tenants

    We give them chockies at Christmas....
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    Most fun jobs you've ever had

    Strength and conditioning coach for a professional sporting team. Hangin with the boys. End of season trips were always fun...
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    $90k increase in 6 weeks

    Sold price? That's not a bad flip for little work, especially if sold themselves without an agent. Seems too high a price for that product in margate.
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    Yes, I think you are the only one. OCD, perhaps? ;)
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    Wage increase

    Reduce non-deductable debt.
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    what is it about YOU?

    I think it's about accountablility. That you, and only you are responsible for everything you have, are, and will be in this life. No-one else can make the decisions for you. No-one else can make you react to a situation in a certain way. Only you can long-term motivate yourself...
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    Investment Property Strategy - A Definitive List

    Residential vs Commercial / Industrial / retail LPTs UPTs JVs Syndicates to buy / develop etc Subdivisions
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    Anybody bought property in Gailes(QLD)?

    Don't have property there, but live only about 10 mins away. Not the best of suburbs as its tucked right away, no schools. Two large prisons and a mental health hospital right there. May get some industrial development soon, but its not really a hot spot.
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    Damage in recent storms - insurance claim advice sought

    I don't beleive it will be a problem. Plenty of damage everywhere else, so hard for them to disprove. We had damage in the hail storms in Brisbane a few years ago (2 houses + 2 cars) and they didn't even ask why we didn't move them under cover - just processed the claim. It did take a...
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    Land tax in Brisbane

    Of course.