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    Recommended designer and planning advisor in Melbourne?

    Good luck if you choose to go with Cadox. Good design but they very much run their own race and you can forget about any time frames that you agree on before signing them up. Tools
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    Hot water unit in main bedroom wardrobe.

    That is why it is sitting in a safe tray connected to the sewer. I would be more annoyed that they haven't built your wall and door as per the plan. Tools
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    Painters in Bendigo

    Old mate from Dads Army was on the blower this morning. His guy that was supposed to come and see me on Saturday simply forgot. He is going to the house today or tomorrow so we will see how he goes with price. Tools
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    Painters in Bendigo

    Unfortunately Xanh, Dads Army did not bother to turn up on Saturday as had been arranged. Tools
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    Painters in Bendigo

    Update, Adrian has been difficult to contact so I have given up on him. Grey Army is coming to have a look when we are there on the weekend. Tools
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    Painters in Bendigo

    Thanks Xanh. We will give them a buzz as well. Tools
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    Gas HWS installation regs - WA

    There are regs covering distances from different forms of structure, windows etc. From an internal corner it is 300mm. Tools
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    Painters in Bendigo

    Thanks Dave Ill give him a buzz and let you know how I go. Tools
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    Painters in Bendigo

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a painter in Bendigo? Looking for a typical IP paint in Quarry Hill. Tools
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    Property Manager paid for repairs that were not done

    Sounds like the agent is telling you what you want to hear - that they are on your side and being seen to do something about it. What they should be doing is growing some balls and take it up directly with the handyman. Tools
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    "Shell" apartments

    I have built a number of them over the years and they would always sell like hot cakes. There might be 10 or 20 in the building and we would fit out 2 or 3 for marketing purposes. All services would be provided to the shells and it was up to the purchaser to take it from there. Here is one I did...
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    My first subdivision - Frankston.

    Do you need a building surveyor or do you mean land surveyor?
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    Replacing exterior board with alternative

    IS the existing cladding polystrene? Tools
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    How to make sure the demolition contractor does not bury asbestos in my yard

    If they are doing the job on a fixed price then they have no obligation to provide you with any tip dockets or other evidence of disposal. Tools
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    Rotting Facia Boards - Advice Needed

    You can buy a zinc repair section at the green shed that slips over the fascia and gets painted out to match. Tools
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    "Premium" tile grout?

    I suspect they are referring to epoxy grout. Tools
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    Sliding partition wall?

    Have a look at the "Brio" range of tracks. Tools
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    rotten asbestos soffits

    Best to check the roof and spouting for leaks before replacing anything. Tools
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    The Block 2015

    Probably these guys: Tools
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    If you are going to install conduits for future NBN then you need to ensure that you follow their standards. They are very particular and will refuse to install if the pathways are not up to their spec. Tools