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    Sydney "Farewell to Somersoft" Meetup - Bull & Bush Hotel (Baulkham Hills) 27th June

    It was a good night, and great to meet a few forum members! Cheers, Sam
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    Sydney "Farewell to Somersoft" Meetup - Bull & Bush Hotel (Baulkham Hills) 27th June

    Thanks Sim, I've RSVP'd on the meetup page.
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    Sydney "Farewell to Somersoft" Meetup - Bull & Bush Hotel (Baulkham Hills) 27th June

    Hi, brand new to somersoft (doh, missed the timing on that one!) but I'll be there to meet a few new people!
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    what effect greek travel

    agree with everyone above to take care on a credit card insurance. I had to claim once, and it took several letters to them before they agreed to partially pay my claim (luckily before I cancelled anything I spoke to one of their operators who advised me I should get a pay-out and so proceeded...
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    Concrete cancer

    I'm currently working on a concrete cancer repair project (civil engineer), but on a massive scale, talking many millions! Anyway, very hard to know from the very limited information provided and can't see much from the pictures posted however what others have said is spot on - the corroded reo...
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    Sydney accountant Inner West

    Hi, I'm in the inner west of Sydney and looking for an accountant. I'll be purchasing my first investment property this year (in a few months), but I need to get my tax return done in a couple of months...I tried finding one last year, and they were pretty useless so I'm hoping for a good...
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    New Investor: Hi to the forum

    Thanks all for your welcomes, I'll be heading along to a Sydney meetup when I get the chance, and in the meantime will continue lurking and learning while saving madly.
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    New Investor: Hi to the forum

    Firstly, hi to everyone! I?m posting this as a little introduction to myself and a bit of background and what I am hoping to achieve. I believe you I need to have the end goal in mind when choosing an investment strategy, so here are my goals: Generate passive income and an asset base to...
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    Where can l put money to save ?

    Random, I agree with others that you need to work on your mindset! I used to be a big spender too, however I found reading all the posts on this blog to be a really big help in resetting the way I think about spending: Also agree with using a budgeting tool...