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  1. HandyAndy888

    Any toowoomba experts here?

    Hello all, I live in Wilsonton and am finding it OK. Yes, there is an element of lower socio economic, but it certainly doesn't have the 'feel' of it. The suburbs on the west side are unique in that Wilsonton is generally OK, yet one street away, Plonk Estate (Wilsonton Heights) begins and...
  2. HandyAndy888

    Interesting buy?

    Now that looks dodgy. :D
  3. HandyAndy888

    Logan Central, QLD??

    I lived here a while ago, but assume nothing has really changed. The desirability in this area is brick over weatherboard. A lot of the houses have a brick facade and weather board at the back. A lot of highsets are weatherboard and are indeed built in. I think the value is in the full brick...
  4. HandyAndy888

    Ipswich vs Brisbane

    Is it just me, or did we have this conversation not too long ago? :D
  5. HandyAndy888

    Raceview, Queensland

    I was in Ipswich yesterday; the place is improving rapidly. Gentrification anyone?
  6. HandyAndy888

    Online Savings Vs Term Deposits

    Yeah, but really, in a term deposit or a saver, they won't be touching their money anyway, mommy and daddy won't let them miss out on those extra bonuses the others offer, while UBank have it as standard. Crap service, but awesome products.
  7. HandyAndy888

    Home brewing

    Wheat perhaps?
  8. HandyAndy888

    Online Savings Vs Term Deposits

    I have 1.3 words for you: UBank
  9. HandyAndy888

    Goodbye Everyone

    This thought often occurs to me during my days at work when I'm sitting in the office doing the mundane. Yes, including the strip club.
  10. HandyAndy888

    I just thought of a way to save 5 million litres of water every day in Australia!

    Resurrecting again. I'm in a new house now and I have found THE PERFECT place. It's between my garage and the back fence, there is a partially paved area about 1 metre across. PLUS, I have found a new use for this practice! As I pee, if I aim right, I can remove some of the built up dirt on...
  11. HandyAndy888

    Does anyone know what this is ??

    I disagree. It's a common misconception that these are caused by wasps. The fact is, these are actually tiny alien capsules. You see, aliens are wise property investors and as such, ALWAYS mark houses that they believe are wise investment decisions with these capsules. When I look for property...
  12. HandyAndy888

    Lowball realistic are they?

    Most informative thread I've read on Somersoft for a long time. Thank you everyone for your input. :)
  13. HandyAndy888

    Growing up poor

    What's it called again when a thread goes all silly? Oh that's right....highjacked. So anyway, I like KFC.
  14. HandyAndy888

    Your favourites ! !

    Ha ha...hardcore dubstep! Not bad, but it's a bit like Slipknot; they just push it right to the edge, and then a little bit too far. :)
  15. HandyAndy888

    Your favourites ! !

    I thought this thread was going to be all about (one of my all time favourites):
  16. HandyAndy888

    White knight Tile paint (tinted biege..ish)

    Well done, it even works 'contrastily' to that benchtop. :)
  17. HandyAndy888

    Growing up poor

    Wrong. This is a mindset that goes along with low-socio, or, non-supported individuals.
  18. HandyAndy888

    Finally bought Rich Dad Poor Dad book

    I too read RDPD in one sitting. Rather than change my mindset, it reaffirmed it. :) The problem is he is a business man who plugs being your own boss; this is all nice and good, but it's hard to 'step across' once you're established in a decent government position. :(
  19. HandyAndy888

    Why house prices set to jump up to 15pc

    That bridge is farked! :D