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    Problem with condensation or leak (photos included) ?

    im going with skater on this one, my house done exactly the same. its either from smokers or wood fire. mine had an open fireplace in it and the ceilings and walls looked like that. it took 3 goes of sugar soap until the water was pretty clean before painting. some of the roof bled through even...
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    Trough's in laundry.

    i use my laundry trough to wash the big items that barely fit in the kitchen sink. makes it so much easier. i use it more for other things than i do laundry
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    should I add a new air con split system

    agreed either save cash, it will fail one day and replace it then. or if they have been there a while and are good tenants see if there's something inparticular they want. that will improve the property for future tenants it might make them stay longer as happier tenants.
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    Need to change this bathtub?

    masters have a rustoleum equivalent 946ml for $35 i have bought this to refinish my cast iron bath hope it works!!!
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    Solar for increasing cashflow and attracting tenant?

    obviously depending on how much hot water you use its still cheaper to run an electric HWS on offpeak. that is unless you have a household of 5+ and use all the hot water every day
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    Renovating Bathroom

    i found a $199 vanity at bunnings that appeared to be better quality than alot of the other vanitys i saw at tiles shops etc.
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    Sell PPOR or convert to IP

    Thanks MsAli, without giving you all the details it is probably hard to get the best decision. i do agree if i sold i could leverage further, im wondering if i could hold that cashflow + property and leverage into another property with the equity. but then i wouldnt have the funds against my...
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    Going rate for colorbond fencing?

    any invoice can be fudged to show you have paid 50%. they just up the quote, you pay 50% of the upped quote and then get the other person to pay half or less of the actual quote. if your quote comes in cheaper you can always tell them he can do it if he does it for that price. also how...
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    Kitchen Renovation - Ideas please

    how did you paint the doors? brush and roller or did you spray it? i have some passage cupboard doors painted and looks terrible, putting me off painting my kitchen cupboards.
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    60cm appliances vs 90cm appliances

    thats what i just decided on for my house. and to the other comment i cant see it looking odd, as long as its central it should look fine.
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    Distance between benchtop

    i was looking at this page just the other day
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    Roller blinds on corner windows

    i have bought a heap of cheap ones from spotlight for my new house they were 40-50% off. missus has them on her house in a few spots and if you look after them they are fine. what i would do is get them to put them into the window frame as far as they can (one on left) then the other one...
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    Roller blinds on corner windows

    if you have the roll on the inside it minimises the gap. all the blinds i have seen are actually recessed into the window frames and sit a cm away from the glass. in your second picture it looks like your window frame is stopping the blind from sitting nice and close the the glass. so has to be...
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    Painting Window Frames

    depending on the colour it is and what you want could you just do the edge instead of inside the tracks and runner aswell??
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    Want to install Solar - where do I start?

    i have solar and cut my bill from $1600 to $360 first the first year. BUT thats with the generous 24c (16c government 8c retailer) FIT. things you have to watch. can you get the same deal with your power company with or without solar? -i tried to change to agl 10% off plan and was told its not...
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    Sell PPOR or convert to IP

    Just after different peoples opinions on what i should do. currently living in PPOR and starting to build a new PPOR should i sell or convert to IP? have probably over capitalized slightly as i wasnt intending to build a PPOR so soon. and plans changed, so has put my structure out...
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    Invest or payoff debts - question on another forum

    id do both. by paying down PPOR debt to draw out to purchase IP's
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    What to do next in the face of bad economy? 1 PPOR & 4 IPs

    i havent read all replies but if you are concerned could you sell one to free up some equity that it has made pay off more of your house loan then draw that equity out to purchase another one.
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    The Black & Blue or White & Gold Teams

    i can see it both ways but only on my phone screen. its only white and gold on the computer (could have something to do with how my pc screen is setup pretty bright) i saw on facebook its an...
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    Someone convince me that Financial Advisers are useful

    i went to one. they tried pushing me into all these income protections trauma cover disability and death cover. by the end of it i would of been losing half my pay each week just to keep these insurances afloat. and other than putting shares into a preset model they are given there was nothing...