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  1. Genia

    What level of service should I expect from a property manager?

    The fee is negotiable, I pay 5% incl GST, 1 week rent for renting out (in Victoria). It is very easy to change the agent - just select a new one and he/she will take care of everything else. Will cost you nothing. Regarding getting back on you enquiries, it is really depend on the individual...
  2. Genia

    Inefficiencies of PMs

    My friends were a bit annoyed with their PM too. Old tenant moved out a month ago, so they put the property back on the rental market. 19 groups of people visited the property during the first open inspection. 8 applications were submitted. PM was so excited and told my friends that she...
  3. Genia

    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott the environment

    Fresh water consumption is still within acceptable range for our environment. Don't ban it yet :)
  4. Genia

    Facing a war

    And not to forget about earthquakes and volcanos. Right now, there is the one getting active, just 35 kms away from an old supervolcano, that sent the earth into the nuke winter 70,000 yes ago.
  5. Genia

    Do I need solicitor/conveyencer for Section 32 for land?

    I would check the contract with conveyancer. I was helping my friend to sell a block of land recently. When she requested the S32 and contract of sale to be prepared, it turned out, that her original sales contract had a special "on-sale" paragraph, requiring an extra document at extra cost to...
  6. Genia

    Are There any Investors in South Melbourne?

    I am helping my friend to sell his 1bdr apartment in South Melbourne. This is a large apartment in the high quality building, just across the road from Albert Lake Park. Somehow I am getting enquiries from owner-buyers only. But they are very precious about having a swimming pool and gym...
  7. Genia

    340k where to buy?

    Interesting article, thank you.
  8. Genia

    Backyard for Sale in Donvale

    Just in case if anyone would be interested. I was walking with my dog and noticed a sign for sale (Donvale, Leslie street). Backyard for sale, single level home 3/2/2 Plans approved Phone number is in attached picture
  9. Genia

    $1.6 million house in Caroline Springs

    By a rough estimation, the price to build this house would be around $800K-$1000K. The remaining $600K-$800 would be for a 1000sqmtr of land by a lake.
  10. Genia

    Process for selling myself?

    LOL, pic number 2 looks like he is advertising an old piece of furniture for sale
  11. Genia

    Doncaster East

    Balwyn house gains $930,000 in 8 months. :eek:
  12. Genia

    If a vendor says to the agent "don't bring me offers under $x", is this legal...

    My understanding of this law requirement is that it was made for the vendor protection. To make sure that if there are several offers within acceptable range, then all are passed. Sometimes RE can get emotionally involved and sympathise one buyer more than another just because they grew up...
  13. Genia

    Doncaster East

    Wow, I thought it was only East going nuts.
  14. Genia

    Doncaster East

    Doncaster hill area is hot hot hot. There are lots of multilevel dwelling construction sites in that area. Here is another example Here is more info about Doncaster Hill area...
  15. Genia

    Doncaster East

    This one is the craziest of all in Doncaster East
  16. Genia

    buying a house with tenants living there with out a lease

    But what does the contract of sale says? Normally there should be words like: "At settlement the purchaser is entitled to vacant possession of the property unless the words "subject to lease" appear in this box. " And if it is a subject to lease, then there should be some information...
  17. Genia

    Doncaster East

    I have seen statistics somewhere, that in last few years a median house price in Doncaster was growing by $100,000 per year. Also there was an article in Manningham leader about a house in 16 Burilla ave, Doncaster: Another Real Estate success story according to Manningham Leader of 23rd...
  18. Genia

    Bad photos = Bargain for buyers

    So if an apartment price $400,000 and rental income is $395 p/w - it would be a bargain for the investor?
  19. Genia

    Agent In-House Auctions

    I closely monitor sold prices in Doncaster East area every week . Ray White sells some houses using in-room auctions. My impression is that these houses sold at cheaper price. Only an impression. I could be wrong. Here is the example...
  20. Genia

    New Melbourne Docklands Apartments

    There was a big fire recently, in one of the Docklands apartment tower. It revealed the major issues with the quality of construction of the building. I suppose that majority of new buildings have a flashy look, but poor quality...