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    Melbourne Rental Market

    Thanks for your suggestions everyone- the place rented for $580 after an open that resulted in 3 applications. Number of people coming through was steady after the price drop. It works out to a 5% drop in where the market was 12 months ago so not too bad and the days on market was 4 weeks.
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    Melbourne Rental Market

    If you follow the media the rental market is holding up well. I just don't believe it from what I have seen. Rents are dropping - at least in Melbourne.
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    Melbourne Rental Market

    Thanks for the tips - I don't usually follow up people as I don't always take a phone number - but will do that from now on. A good suggestion. The place does have A/C, advert is ok on, and I have been opening up at various times. It is also listed on domain but I don't get any leads...
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    Melbourne Rental Market

    I have been an investor for 15 years and have 4 rental properties in Melbourne - all in "blue chip" suburbs. I must say this is the slowest rental market I have experienced in all those years. I have a 3 bedroom, well presented modern unit in Caulfield that is proving difficult to rent...
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    Landlord electricity connection fee?

    Thanks but i need the lights working. I have discovered that there is also usually a disconnection fee of $45 - highway robbery as it is all done remotely with smart meters. Anyway - I just found on google "Click energy" - they claim not to charge connection or disconnection fees...
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    Landlord electricity connection fee?

    I have an investment property in Melbourne where smart meters have been installed. Tenants have moved out and the electricity has been disconnected. I need the power for a very short time (say 10 days) to complete some cleaning work and show tenants through the property. I called one...
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    Big result for 1960s original 2 bed flat in Armadale Vic

    I have an IP in Armadale and follow that market closely. Check out what sold for $780k at Auction today. Original kitchen and bathroom. Wow, great result for seller.
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    Mitcham Village Apartments - OTP

    Nice thread revival! Anyway, don't get me wrong - I was not suggesting that Mitcham is an unpleasant place to live. It is has plenty going for it. The original poster, however, asked whether it was a good investment and I gave my honest opinion for the money paid for a 2 bedroom apartment. If...
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    Can redundancy conditions be changed after acceptance?

    Hi - this is my area of expertise - the 12 weeks is the NES standard so no point calling Fairwork for help as they have no control over contractual or policy entitlements. The policy of the employer is what counts in this case assuming there is nothing in the employment contract or industrial...
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    Melbourne market surprises!

    Considering all the negative sentiment - does anyone have some surprise good results in Melbourne to report? This is mine - a 2 bedroom apartment in Caulfield North. It has some great features such as being in a small block of 4 and is of a larger size for a 2 bed apartment. On the downside...
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    Uhome Loan

    Anyone got a view on this new online loan product? 6.59% variable. Not expressed as an introductory rate but I question how long they could sustain a rate like that?! It includes refinanced loans and loans for investment properties. The main downside is no offset - but even if I...
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    Big price of the week

    Given all the negative market sentiment around (fed by the media) it was interesting to see a strong price for this 2 bedroom apartment in Armadale today at auction. The Melbourne market is far from dead. A beautiful art deco apartment.... but a big price too. $735,000...
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    garbage charges ,who pay?

    The residential tenancies act has a list of things you can pass on to the tenant - eg water supplied, if separately metered. There are only a few items. As waste disposal is not listed - you can't make the tenant liable to pay the bill. But you could factor in your costs in to the rent.
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    First home, Altona?

    If someone chooses to live in Melbourne - suggesting that they buy a home in Qld instead is hardly useful advice.
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    Caufield Nth to Highett any tips?

    The description of location is hard to follow - "north of south road" rules out all of Highett. Unfortunately you will struggle to find a house on a full block in Brighton East, Caulfield (including North, South) for $900k at the moment. I am in Caulfield South (avg street) and bulldoze houses...
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    Melbourne's Hot Property Market

    For as long as I can recall over the last 10 years people have been telling me that it is the wrong time to buy in Melbourne. When is it a good time? I have friends who waited for the downturn and now have nothing. I am incredibly grateful I have my IPs and mostly made these purchases at times...
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    Post up your amazing result (or stupid price) of the week

    Damn you did well! And only 500sqm. Burwood has come a long long way.
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    Post up your amazing result (or stupid price) of the week

    This great result caught my eye - seller must be very happy: 2 bedroom apartment in Armadale, Melbourne. Sold at auction today for $611,000 :eek:
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    Tax and subdivision of investment property

    Hi guys I have an investment property that sits on a decent sized block (1000sqm) in Melbourne. It has a loan of about $1m and is currently tenanted. The interest on the loan is obviously deductable. I am now considering subdivision of the property that will see 2 parcels of land - the...
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    Help with tactics for negotiating with car dealer

    If you need to ask this question - you should ask an experienced friend or family member to do the deal for you. In my experience most Australians are terrible at negotiation so you are not alone. Or go through an agent as suggested.