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    Tax File Number

    Tfn Thanks-I will apply for a TFN ( I plan to rent the apartment)
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    Tax File Number

    I am a US citizen and I have purchased a unit in Melbourne. Will I need a Tax File Number?
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    Fridge/freezer+washing machine=more value?

    I am buying my first IP- a one bedroom apt on Toorak Rd in Melbourne. Question: Will furnishing my apartment with appliances increase its value or would my future tenants prefer to move in with their own fridge/freezer and washing machine?
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    off the plan investment

    Any recommendations for a 1 or 2 BR Apt for a foreign property investor?
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    opening a bank account by an overseas PI

    bank account need an account for transactions from US over the internet.
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    opening a bank account by an overseas PI

    I am from the USA and would like to ido some Property investment in Australia. Am I allowed to open a bank account in an Australian Bank?
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    ILK South Yarra

    any opinions on this upcoming property on toorak rd in melbourne/ Has anyone reserved apts at ILK, toorak rd,South Yarra?
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    rental Underwrite

    underwrite thank you . it is an rental underwrite for 6 months.
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    rental Underwrite

    As a newbie to Property investing, could anyone please explain this to me; ''The Vendor will provide the following special conditions to xxx purchasers: 6 month rental underwrite at market rate, as set by the Vendor's nominated agent (a) any upside to the guaranteed amount is payable to the...
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    Has anyone had any experience with this firm-positive or otherwise? I am a newbie and am looking for guidance in Australian property investment.