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    Rewarding good tenants

    They also charge late fees, I only wish LM's could do the same.
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    I-Build Homes

    Yep, considering these are small and you can get a 150m2 home (3 x the house) built for around 150k
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    Bali Nine

    The Govt. might even make a few bucks off of it.
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    Rewarding good tenants

    Reality for the 99% will be similar to the experience we had when green where we did as some suggest and all that happened was the tenant and the PM at the time saw us as a soft touch not to be taken seriously , fools with their money soon to be parted or "mates", where rent could be late or...
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    Rewarding good tenants

    It does when providing a reward for no reason becomes a "given" every year True. Does the tenant ever buy the agent or owner a gift for meeting their requirements as per the tenancy agreement? Nah, didn't think. :(
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    Rewarding good tenants

    My thoughts exactly, its not as if the tenant has done anything special that requires any sort of reward. This sort of entitlement/gifting/tipping mentality is a bad thing to instill in anyone imho.
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    BCC hitting properties with 5 individuals/ granny flats again

    It would be a normal house like any other, say a couple and a kid in a 3 bedroom house. Its not built yet but the plan would be to have a separate place like any number of Brisbane firms advertise like the one below I have a corner block with 50 metre plus street access down a dead end...
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    BCC hitting properties with 5 individuals/ granny flats again

    What about if I live in the back yard Granny flat and rent out the PPOR ? There would only one lease for that property with less than 5 people on it.
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    Unsure on QLD Granny-flatting rules

    Various sites I have looked at say you can if it is to a family member but what if we look at it a different way, listed below. 1) What if I rent out my granny flat now as if I was renting out a bedroom of the house? BCC wont let you treat it as a separate residence with extra power and water...
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    Can you powder-coat over anodising?

    Actually you can powder-coat over anodising, I have seen marine parts done this way because aluminium gets corrosion which flakes off the powder coating but if anodised first it stops this and apparently makes a good base for the powder coating process. Not sure how it is done or if it can be...
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    How to calculate rental yield ?

    Way to hard, i cant find those strange symbols on my abacus ;) I use this
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    Thoughts on cheapy suburbs?

    Sydney has the same, what are prices like around Long Bay and Silverwater?
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    Another over entitled mentality Gen Y

    So? I did things like this through the 80's 90's and 2000's, nothing to do with having to or minimising loss or losing a job. Its just what people do when a job needs doing.
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    FIRB violators will be properly punished (possible jail time)

    I am sure some would think Australian prison is a nice holiday
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    Oh hi. I'm Elon Musk. Just changing the world again.

    The off the grid abode is looking more viable by the minute. Water tanks, waterless compostable toilets and now this.
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    What happens to real estate during a deflationary period

    Japan has a declining population. Less people and more houses Australia has an increasing population. More people and less houses
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    Bali Nine

    The death penalty is the well advertised penalty for the crime of drug smuggling and they were smuggling drugs. Cant get any more deserving than that.
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    Property Manager Terminates Themselves After Being Questioned???

    We were sacked last year as well and had been with an agency for 8 years with several properties. Things had gone downhill since the new principal's daughter took over as property manager and she started calling me asking for instructions on the most minor of things , being overly soft on...
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    You "Only" Need $1m to retire comfortably.

    But the reality is that those that bought 10 plus years ago are getting big ROI, you said so yourself. You must think people are pretty silly if you think that. I've been sourcing and buying the same deals as I did back then, something that leaves me not to much out of pocket in the short term...
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    You "Only" Need $1m to retire comfortably.

    Assuming they bought their property today. If they bought a million in property 10 or more years ago they'll be getting a lot better than 3-4%