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    First time renovator! Progress images

    Great job Dan, looks sensational can't wait to see the kitchen!
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    So what did you sacrifice?

    First house concrete floors, no dinners out, 1 kid and second whilst we lived there.barely any money to keep cars on the road, and you needed a car we lived in the outer suburbs of Sydney. Always had a budget, moved houses a couple of times still outer suburbs, bigger house, different areas...
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    So what did you sacrifice?

    What a great investing story, and inspirational too! Live within your means!
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    Keep or sell?

    I have recently downsized and upgraded, so there is some non deductible debt on the PPOR. I have just listed two properties for sale in Sydney which will give me cash after their Ip loans are paid off, to pay off the non deductible debt. I will then use borrowed funds to reinvest. Reasons I...
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    Lots of money - what to do with it?

    Pay off your loan and keep dollar cost averaging into shares with dividends perhaps via a discretionary trust. You don't need property hassles, I wouldn't leverage you don't need it, and enjoy a nice lifestyle. Dividend cheques twice a year with no effort on your part.
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    Pics of Your Pets!

    Rex loving the sand on the beach
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    Interesting article from Terry Ryder re: inner city over supply

    Otp in pyrmont was oversupplied last decade, although would have made money now
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    SMSF Resi Finance lender help needed!!

    I set my loan up a st George loan - settlement was sep 2010 with offset. The fees are I think an extra 5 bucks a month, well and truly paid for by interest savings and better than fixed rate savings with decent amount of funds in offset. Amp were ok too with offset there as well. Don't think...
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    has anybody used Granny Flat Australia?

    I have used granny flats Australia. They were good to deal with. At the time they did not have much competition. I used someone else the next time, gfa had reduced their price, I think they did provide better service out of the two companies.
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    Splitting expenses to render building

    I would have thought it is split via allocation of lot size, the three beds own more than the 1 bed and should pay more to the cost. Not to mention they bring potentially more wear and tear on common property with more people able to live in a larger unit
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    Have you ever paid over asking price?

    Not yet, but the last time I bought was at auction, and also have bought in the offers over in Sydney just when the market started to move. Then I bought outside of Sydney
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    Very bad experience with a property managers

    That's great news kristje, glad I left them before tenants got out of hand. Nathan needs to step up and focus on this business, I would never recommend the agency to anyone
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    Use of extra payment in redraw for business purpose

    Just rebalance the loans into two separate loans reflecting the private balance owed and the equity. Does cba even need a reason for the redraw?
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    Dream to be Comfortable not Rich. Start Now!

    Great post, I agree with you Bianca, comfortable is a great place to be... Congratulations!!!
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    500K to spend on IP - Northern Beaches?

    Don't listen to the doom and gloom. Renters will be there and rents have not increased in line with prices. Congrats on your purchase
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    See Change and Richard Feynman . let's hype the sydney market thread .

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shadow View Post Sydney Northern Beaches house prices rise 10% in three months! That's confirmed by my agent, my house bought in November would fetch over 10% now. That at least has covered the...
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    Obtaining neighbours OK to run stormwater pipes through their yard.

    If I was the neighbour I wouldn't do it even for money, it impacts th resale of my land.
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    Capital gain tax on home with study office
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    Roller blinds on corner windows

    I prefer a front roll, the blinds seem set a bit far our on the frame.
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    NSW Storms

    My units near Maitland were affected with stormwater seeping in and wetting the carpet. Testing out my insurance policy now......