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    Is this a "cash offer"?

    Sneaky agents always try to get you to initial the contract after you sign it before the seller signs it
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    Poor first home buyers Sydney

    FHB's should rent where they want to or close to where they want to live and invest the rest Plenty of properties to invest in regional aus that will make you $$$ and in Metro areas in other cities
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    Brisbane bargain GET IT NOW

    Calamvale, Algester and Parkinson to boom! Err body will want a shinier 5 bedder on a big block
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    Using Alibaba

    Unless you are going to be selling a shed load of products dont sell $^It with low margins.
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    Buying investment property in Ararat Victoria

    It has metro population of 10000 plus. ok rental return study the area it suits my criteria to buy cheap andManufacture equity
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    How to make 100k in your spare time.

    I'm liking his YouTube videos. Hustle like an immigrant is a good 1
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    How to make 100k in your spare time.

    competition is for sissies as Mr cardone would say
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    My latest purchase: 3 bedroom house in Wellington, NSW.

    so around $97000 Very nice work!
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    My latest purchase: 3 bedroom house in Wellington, NSW.

    Mate what did you refinance at?
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    Glenmore Park or Homebush

    Buy 3 complete Semis/Duplexs in Elizabeth SA for that or so
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    Glenmore Park or Homebush

    Buy 2 in Waterford West QLD for that and you will have some change left over.
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    Where to not buy

    Non Housing stock looks to have not moved that much. First National used to auction these HC properties. Normal prices may have been 100 - 120 possibly 90 - 100 k back then
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    Where to not buy

    The housing commish properties in Taree are now offered for around $150 k in 2010, 11, 12 they were selling at auction for around $80 -90k. Not bad growth. Renting for $200 - $250 pw which is quite high. They are a buy and forget investment. Westside of Taree is the best and near the hospital...
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    Locality research - Brisbane

    Rixter Do you have an IP in Calamvale? I notice there is a 4.5 star hotel opening in the Area this month on Compton Road. This will be very good for the area. The only one in the near vicinity. The 5 bedroom double story homes in Parkinson are now hitting $800 000 +. Townhouses in small...
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    Locality research - Brisbane

    It is a good family ares which is well serviced by arterial roads close by - Logan Mwy, Gateway, Beudesert Rd and Compton Road5 IGA size of woolies is 2 mins away Woolies Calamvale on Nottingham Road it 5 mins away Calamvale Shoppping Centre on Compton Rd is 5 mins away Sunnybank Hills...
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    Locality research - Brisbane

    Algester prices are cray cray
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    Latest purchase in QLD

    What indicators do you base your growth prediction on?
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    Roy Morgan: Unemployment at record high 4Q14

    He has gone back to the other PI forum lol
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    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    Hey What is the discount being obtained from the asking price of a semi for those who buy
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    Remotely renovating for profit ? possible?

    Yes Always consider the labour a tradie will charge and the builders margin