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    Buyer wants to cancel contract..can they?

    While you are at it, have a good look at your agreement with the RE agent. Sometimes they are entitled to commission even if the sale does not go through. Marg
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    Which Charity(ies) to donate to?

    Smith family scholarships to disadvantaged kids. Education can be their way out of poverty. Marg
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    Asset Protection in terms of divorce

    And if there are children involved.... Marg
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    Advice for Gold coast uppper coomera/pimpama

    Good decision. No matter what the agent says or does, it would be YOUR signature on the declarations, and YOU would pay the penalty for false statements. Marg
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    Cotton-wool parenting

    The high school I work at always supplies gloves. Marg
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    QLD PM - is this unfair?

    A PM is usually not qualified, nor paid, to manage a project of this size. It is doubtful that the PM has the expertise to know if the job has been done properly or not. Marg
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    Vendor not providing vacant possession at settlement

    As said, do not settle. It may take months dragging through courts to evict. Marg
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    market near the top

    So what does the "property type " look like? For all you know they may have been successful property investors for decades. Marg
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    Stupidly cheap?

    Exterior photos only suggest that it is still in its post flood condition inside. Possibly demolition best option. Marg
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    What would YOU do?

    Personally, I suggest you live a little. At 23 and with 3 IPs, why not take the opportunity to travel and experience life to the full rather than " live like a monk"! You are only young once. Marg
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    Vendor offering rental guarantee

    Use it as a bargaining tool to reduce the purchase price and exclude the guarantee. Marg
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    Is this a "cash offer"?

    A cash offer is not necessarily an unconditional contract as there can be other get out clauses on the contract. Our daughter has just bought a house in Queensland. All negotiation was verbal, and when everything agreed they arranged to sign the contract the following day. I must admit I was...
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    Ideas on how to make better use of space of our late 1940s home

    It looks in quite good shape. First if all, ensure the basics are sound. Re stump if necessary, check all electrical wirng and plumbing and check the roof. Before you start making alterations I suggest you live there for a year or so to see how your family uses the spaces. I'd hold...
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    Queensland townhouse complex

    So where is Brisbane's "golden triangle"? Marg?
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    Electrcity Charges - Granny Flat

    Yes they can unless the account is in their name. Marg
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    Lots of money - what to do with it?

    Get in touch with the people paying you $400K a year and get them to increase it to $800K. Marg
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    Electrcity Charges - Granny Flat

    Possibly tenant A is well aware that their electricity costs are being subsidised Marg
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    Electrcity Charges - Granny Flat

    Preferably Rewire to isolate both properties. You will be in a heap of bother if the overcharged tenant goes to the tribunal. At the very least, have an electrician deactivate the power points in the garage that are charged to tenant B to FORCE tenant A to use his own power. And yes...
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    Body corporate meetings

    The ones we were involved in always sent out voting forms prior to the meeting, setting the issues to be voted on and we could show on each whether we were in favour or not, effectively lodging a vote. We did this in preference to a proxy which may be used contrary to our wishes. Marg
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    Body Corporate woes...

    What compromise would you suggest? Marg