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    End of an Era

    I wanted to say "thank you" to Jan and Ian and Sim and everyone who has made Somersoft such a valuable second home for so many of us here (and it seems to the many lurkers and readers who don't post or join). I was almost convinced I should avoid the new forum (for about ten minutes) :D but it...
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    How to save your Private Messages

    Or just do what I did and read each one, copy it and email it to yourself :p. I wish I knew how to do this last week :). Was good to read, discard or keep though, (rather than keep all the stuff I should have deleted way earlier than now), but was quite emotional.
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    All-time funniest Somersoft threads

    Toilet in the kitchen thread... I wonder where grossreal is now?
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    BCC hitting properties with 5 individuals/ granny flats again

    In this setup, in the event of a fire, would an insurer uphold cover?
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    what effect greek travel

    Good advice. This worried me too when we travelled. I also chose to ignore the "free" credit card cover and paid for cover. I was concerned the free cover may have left me flapping in the breeze if we needed to claim.
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    What consitutes legal advice?

    I reckon it would cover financial and legal... and maybe protect your health too.
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    End of an Era

    OMG!!! :eek: I'll add my thanks. I will have to joint the new forum and somehow save some of the messages I've not been able to face clearing. Thanks to all. See you at the new site.
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    Tax dilemmas!

    I suggest you post your question with an appropriate heading and start a brand new thread. You will get more answers than piggy backed on this older thread.
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    Thoughts of Washing Machine taps inside tub?

    Taps shouldn't be more prone to leaking than any other tap with pipes behind the wall. I much prefer taps hidden under a laundry cupboard. Washing machine taps are ugly.
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    Is it safe to lightly sand asbestos?

    Absolutely... like smoking dangers and deaths, the companies involved just want it to go away.
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    Is it safe to lightly sand asbestos?

    I'm so sorry about your son. I worry about all the renovating we've done before this danger was known about. My uncle died of mesothelioma (builder) and I won't touch the stuff... but years ago we didn't know any better. I believe luck plays its part, but I'm not prepared to take any chances...
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    Repair to IP

    Is trying to claim the cost of a 30cm section worth worrying about? If you wait until you live there you lose a few dollars in deductions but the upside is that you can ensure it is done properly.
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    Has anyone obtained stormwater access from neighbour?

    I'm curious to know if rubble pits are still allowed when the block is not being subdivided. We had one put in with BCC blessing a few years ago where our storm water pipes were fully blocked with earth. I was told recently that rubble pits were no longer allowed, but know someone who was told...
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    cross collateralisation

    I would be using one of the brokers rather than going directly to a bank.
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    Council *Shakes Head*

    Can you go back to the person who signed off on the approval and ask them what you can do? They might give you approval to remove the tree.
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    taking advantage of a landlord

    You said the landlord is a friend of your mother... is this the only property she owns or manages? I cannot imagine how anybody could not realise they are "missing" $14K? Perhaps she is wealthy and doesn't check her balances because she doesn't need to? Bizarre!
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    Neighbour abuse and defamation

    I didn't read that this was happening at a meeting? What sort of things are in the emails? What are the attacks about? Assuming they are unfounded, I would be making a police statement. Perhaps a visit to the abuser from the boys in blue might make them sit up and take notice.
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    Rent increase

    Youi also allow month to month, as long as you let them know.
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    What I learnt ? Call Depreciator, always ask questions.

    Don't be put off posting or asking questions by what you perceive as the wealth of knowledge here. We don't know what we don't know. Personally, as we have lodged a DA to build four townhouses I would love you to put up a thread about your development. I waver between "too hard, just sell the...
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    Why should I get superannuation?

    Terry do you mean we could be up for capital gains tax on the house I am taking from the trust? We have taken that into account. We also must pay transfer duty. If the house wasn't worth holding long term we would sell but then instead of paying transfer duty to put it in my name I would pay it...