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    High School Catchment Zones

    I don't think the education department website has that info, not in NSW anyway. The only way I've found it is to look on individual school sites & ring them if they don't have it. That was for primary school, though i don't imagine high school is any different.
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    Allowing existing tenant to sublease.

    Would you have refused them if they'd applied together in the first place? Would you have put the rent up if they'd applied together in the first place? As a renter I've added extra people the lease a couple of times & never been asked for more rent. I think I would be happy they're honest...
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    Howling dogs

    My dog does this too, you can hear the broken heart if we don't take him for a walk. He does stop, but sits, watching the street waiting for our return.
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    What economic group did you grow up in?

    Middle class, not sure if you'd say middle or upper middle. My parents were teachers then Dad worked for the government. Mum mostly worked part time, we went overseas a couple of times but mostly holidays were in a caravan up the coast, on the boat or driving holidays. We were certainly...
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    House with subdivision potential

    Figure out how much it will cost to subdivide, including council fees, surveyor, connections, holding costs. Figure out how much land goes for in the area. Work out if there's profit. Then look at subdiving & building, see if it's better or worse. Then look at how many you could put on...
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    Do you know your neighbours names?

    I currently live in a great street & know most of the neighbours, except the guy next door who is much more interested in working on one of his shitty old cars & putting more junk in his 200m2 garage. We have a street christmas party each year & this year also an impromptu game of street...
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    Newcastle Flood Maps

    Have you looked at these?
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    Where can l put money to save ?

    I used to be a terrible saver, terrible!! Despite my best endeavours, would constantly get caught out by a bill such as car rego which I'd forgotten about and BAM, i was behind again. Last year I started using YNAB - You Need a Budget, on a friend's...
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    Buy and hold strategy break down

    You've talked about renoing but I don't see that in your numbers. Are you mobile? Will you be able to buy / reno / hold? If so I would look to do so - buy / reno / hold / extract equity asap & go again. The numbers you have run do not use your greatest advantage IMO, which is that you are a...
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    Funny listings history

    Reminds me a bit of a house I looked at a couple of months ago. This is in a suburb where entry level stuff is selling in days or weeks, nothing lasts over a month. It was listed in December at offers over $450K. There's signs of leaks in 4 rooms, needs a new kitchen & bathroom, there's rot...
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    Terrace renovation project Wickham nsw

    Fantastic! Congrats again Tom, what a great story :)
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    Cosmetic Valuations

    Recent personal experience. July 2014 - Valued at $460K Mar 2015 - 'reno' - paint outside, some rooms inside, deck, garden tidy up, spend ~$4K Apr 2015 - valued at $500K The market had moved about 4-4.5% in that time so I reckon I made about $20K with that $4K spend. I...
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    Do you think sub-division potential matters if you're using a never sell strategy?

    You could buy / subdivide / build / hold both which would have a massive impact on the overall value of the property. I'm firmly in the 'it matters' camp.
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    Another over entitled mentality Gen Y

    You know, I think life should be about balance and people should respect other people's paths rather than denigrating them. If it doesn't work for you, well that's OK, choose your own path, do it consciously and realise that there are advantages and disadvantages in the path you choose. People...
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    My new purchase - Highbury SA

    Congratulations, great result!!
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    Bushfire affected area

    I would think - check insurance costs - check how the building would hold up to fire, there might be work such as clearing trees, debris, upgrading gutters etc that you could do - if you plan to do any structural work he BAL rating would impact requirements
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    lets hype Newcastle

    Nope.... don't know where it is, not a very good celebrity spotter :D
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    lets hype Newcastle

    i reckon that one's probably going to get hit with a bulldozer or at least roof ripped off and extended up anyway, but interesting question :)
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    OTP Apartments Newcastle

    I think I might know the block you're talking about, I idly wandered into a sales office a few months ago. It does look interesting. I wouldn't buy OTP apartment in Newcastle atm, there's an incredible amount being built / sold I would definitely worry about over supply so agree with the...
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    REPEATED: What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago that you know now?

    Get educated! (If I had I would've known how to hang on to my 1 investment property and things would look significantly different now)