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    Yard and pool maintenance included in lease but where?

    Hi everyone, we are about to sign a lease for a new rental property and have been advised that the rent includes yard and pool maintenance. We received the proposed lease and it makes no reference to this. When we inquired with the agent she said it could not be included in the special...
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    Canberra rental market sooo bad?

    Hi all, the market in Canberra is excellent for tenants, not so good for landlords. I have had quite a few friends finishing leases recently and one was offered a $30 deduction to stay on and one managed to negotiate $45 a week off. When we rented our place less than 12 months ago we offered $80...
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    Cost of painting a wall and painter recommendation in Sydney please

    Hi Tim, Unfortunately not in this case. Needs to be done properly and I'd probably ruin it. Thanks Dave, I'll send him a PM.
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    Best free credit card for earning rewards

    I highly recommend heading to the Australian Frequent Flyer website for anyone who wants to learn more about maximizing rewards points. I started collecting points a few years ago and it's been fantastic, the best so far has been a trip on Singapore Airlines to Paris in First Class Suites for a...
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    Cost of painting a wall and painter recommendation in Sydney please

    Hello all, I need to have a five meter standard height wall painted in an apartment in Sydney CBD. Any idea how much this would cost through a professional company and any recommendations for someone to do it? Many thanks
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    Where to rent in Sydney for 1k a week?

    Thanks for the replies. Not sure what you mean by saying it's asking too much Mightywill? I've found a few places that fit my needs and will be heading to Sydney this week to have a look.
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    Where to rent in Sydney for 1k a week?

    Thanks for the replies so far, I will look into the suburbs suggested :)
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    Where to rent in Sydney for 1k a week?

    Hi all, I am probably relocating to Sydney in September for work and appreciate advice on areas to live. I will be working on Macquarie Street in the city and have the following wish list: 1. Close to the city, would like to run, cycle or short car trip ideally (will have car spot) 2. 2-3...
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    House with unapproved granny flat for in-law use

    Hi Dave, Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. I will definately take a tape measure with me and check the roof height. Is there anything else bar the 2.4 height I should be aware of? It is located in NSW so I will read up about granny flat laws. It would be useful to...
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    House with unapproved granny flat for in-law use

    Hi all, I am hoping someone may have some advice on a question please. I am going to view a property tomorrow that I am interested in purchasing. It is a very large house, with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen downstairs. We are interested in the property as we need to have my father in...
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    Is health insurance worthwhile?

    I have private health insurance and wouldn't be without it. Having had five 'elective' surgeries in the past few years from sporting injuries, the bill to my insurer has been around $65000 and I've paid $500. I would have been waiting 12 + months to be seen in the public system thus delaying...
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    Miniature Pony

    Hello GTF, I have had horses for many years. Personally, I would not buy the horse you saw this morning because it does not sound like a suitable kids pony at all. They should not nip and definately not require a nose chain - I have only ever seen those used on breeding stallions, not kids'...
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    House in Queanbeyan

    Hi all, I would appreciate any advice on a house that I have found and am interested in. It is located in Queanbeyan, two minutes walk to the main shopping centre, on a 750 m2 block. It is zoned 2c. The house is quite foul, it is a three bedroom cottage type brick veneer requiring work and a...
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    Yep I grew up with pinball machines in our house, I can remember Jurassic Park and the Adams Family. Was great fun for birthday parties. My favourite trick was to slide the glass lid off and stuff socks into the slots and get outrageous scores by never letting the balls go down :D
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    Thoughts on our situation

    Firstly, thank you all very much. Hi Roachy, yes I am not keen on purchasing DHA property either. I haven't seen the DEFRGRAM but will look on Tuesday and report back (I'm a nasty civi :p). Schweedy, even if we bought DHA and posted to the location we own it in, we won't get to live in it -...
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    Thoughts on our situation

    Thank you both. Rolf - your post made me laugh :) I cannot imagine myself in 15 years, I still feel like I have just left school :p. I suppose though, in reality, I would like to be able to stay at home with possible children if we have them. How do you specify what that means? A fully paid...
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    Thoughts on our situation

    Hi everyone, I would be grateful if anyone has any advice on our situation please. We are a mid twenties couple who currently own no property, have no children and have a combined income of $160,000. My partner is military so we live in a DHA house which we absolutely love, it is in one of...
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    First home, Brisbane, advice please

    Thanks WinstonWolfe. Regarding defence properties, Defence Housing Authority (DHA) manages these. We are not looking to buy a DHA house as such as we want to occupy the premises initially and wouldnt want to lock ourselves into such a long term lease in case we get posted back to Brisbane, in...
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    First home, Brisbane, advice please

    Hi all, new to the forum :) My partner and I are considering purchasing our first home. We live in Brisbane and will definately be here for the next 18 months, and hopefully another two years after that (Army). We would like to purchase around the end of this year, so we may only get to...