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    Does Brisbane still stack up?

    Have been trying to buy into this area - what in your opinion do you think they'll take vs your opinion on value. originally from brissie, but Living in Sydney currently and finding it hard to secure a place as they are going before we can get up to see them. Cant fly up for them all obviously...
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    When to purchase landlord insurance?

    In Regards to Land lords insurance. We're looking to purchase an IP in Brisbane and I've looked into a few insurances for Building and Landlord Any experience or recomendations on either of these: Terri Scheer or Suncorp? Or are they much of a muchness. Thanks in advance
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    Where to buy in Birsbane / Brisbane?

    Out of interest for a newbie renovator where would the 3rd and 4th bedrooms come from. I could possibly see 3. Would a 4 bedroom typically require 2 bathrooms? or not a deal breaker in your mind? Thanks love learning on this site :)
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    What paid resources do you use?

    Does pricefinder allow you to do more specific searches when looking for properties ie renovation potential, development site etc? How much is it a month to subscribe? How does this compare to the "Realestate Investar" Search tool?
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    Looking to buy a blue chip IP in Brisbane

    I heard people mention Toowoomba. Does anyone know much about this area. Looking at there are a wide range of areas within Toowoomba. Do any of you think this is an option. Similar story with Redcliffe - I have heard it has developed significantly in the past few years with cafe...
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    Looking to buy a blue chip IP in Brisbane

    The strategy is to buy and hold. So as close to cbd or best areas for capital growth but would need to have 5% plus yield to ensure we can keep growing our portfolio?
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    Looking to buy a blue chip IP in Brisbane

    I notice one of these was on Logan road. I thought it was good to avoid main roads like this when buying an ip? I was told of two blocks for sale a little while ago on nursery road holland pk side by side which would have given a total of over 1500m2. would this have been a good buy? I was...
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    Looking to buy a blue chip IP in Brisbane

    I guess its a "blue chip IP" because unfortunately that is our current budget :(
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    Looking to buy a blue chip IP in Brisbane

    Hi We are looking to buy a blue chip IP in Brisbane to set up the backbone of our investments going forward. Does anyone have any tips? Looking for good equity growth and good yield with the intent to rent and hold. Happy to do some renos if need be. Up to a $500-550 value max if...
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    Property Coaches

    Thanks for your feedback, I will hang around the forums and go from there. :)
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    Strong Growth in Brisbane

    Any thoughts on buying an investment property on Nursery road in Holland Park Brisbane? Some people say the crematorium on the same street is a down side? Do things like this really make a difference to house/land values and rental prices? Thanks
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    Property Coaches

    Hi we are keen to further our investments to achieve our long term goals but are looking for further guidance as to the best way to do this. Has anyone used a property coach they'd recommend? Recently read an article by Todd Polke. Anyone had any experience using him as a mentor/coach...