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    Runaway bay end can be quite ok for yields Predominantly rental stock though Ta Rolf
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    Looking for a buyers agent - Brisbane

    Odd that isn't it..... I have in excess of q couple of dozen of their clients and have referred plenty, and they tend to be predominantly and consistently very happy. I guess As in all cases one can't please all people all of the time Ta Rolf
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    Getting a better rate

    After 33 person hrs for a 56 k top up in our office you can see why I will not write an ING loan at the front end ............................. They are likely fine for a set and forget PPOR or IP loan, but we dont have any of them ta rolf
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    Caveats and Tips on buying OTP in Brisbane with SMSF ?

    Dont .......... unless you have cash ta rolf
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    See Change and Richard Feynman . let's hype the sydney market thread .

    Im telling your hubby ta rolf
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    Pros and Cons Of Using Equity To Buy Properties

    Larger portfolio investors with a large bundle of direct shares can and do have LOC equivalent facilities at resi rates for things like small to medium property development Most that I know would not use such a facility for resilient property related debt. ta rolf
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    Alternative financing strategies

    specifically,what new crriteria, because there are a few ta rolf
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    Good Property Solicitor North Brisbane

    Darryl and co from certuslegal Ta Rolf
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    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    commercial reality will generally make such things less likely. reality is that a large lender can do that rate ris thing just as easily as a small one can . Really small lender may have more exposure to funding sources that may fluctuate ta rolf
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    Consolidating loans

    The best analogy that I have heard .................... Convenience food if you eat burgers pizza and pies all week every week it will soon bite. Convenience in finance isnt that much different ta rolf
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    Buyers Agent in Brisbane

    Sometimes I have found from my own personal business experience that what people think they ask for , v what they actually ask for and what they actually need isnt the same, and to bridge the gap is hard. What was your specific brief ?? Was it as simple as suggested above ? ta rolf
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    21 day settlement possible?

    depends if all the ducks line uo and you dont need a val, 14 days is feasible but its end of tax time as well, and the average lender will take 30 to 45 days as your broker suggests ta rolf
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    Loan Structure - First IP

    An important question is what will you do long term with the current PPOR pls ? ta rolf
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    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    meaning ? please expand on your view of that ta rolf
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    Extreme delay in getting transfer registered

    2 to 3 mths rego time isn't unusual in some states Ta Rolf
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    Advice for Gold coast uppper coomera/pimpama

    As a local I'd suggest there are better places for your debt Ta Rolf
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    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    For about another 20 days....... Ta Rolf
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    Redundancy Insurance

    I hear APRA are coming up with a policy of their own ta rolf
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    Buying the Dymphna program!!

    but often peops have a GG but they feed it Maccas and surround the GG with normal geese and wonder why they are missing out Not all ed programs are poor value . ta rolf