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    I wonder if they are any more reliable for the WA houses given that you have to pay for those. Does anyone know why that is? It's only 30c per sale record though so doesn't break the bank:)
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    Property Lawyer for Newbie in Perth

    I'm posting on behalf of a friend who is about to buy a PPOR in Perth. He's been asking me for advice and I let him know that standard RE contracts are worded to look after the seller rather than the buyer. He is interested in having his own clauses worded to cover himself so that he's not...
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    Travis Morien

    Nah, he just read the coffee lounge thread on doctors and their income, and realised that practising medicine is the true path to wealth! :D
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    Doctors and their Income

    As someone halfway through a post-grad medical degree, I can say that almost every statement that the OP has made is grossly incorrect. I was tempted to provide corrections to his/her very imaginative fantasies ie. the ones that other posters haven't already poked large holes in, but I'm not...
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    Health/ Care, home assistant , Victoria

    I would suggest your friend contacts an aged care assessment teams (ACAT), of which a social worker is usually a part, whose primary role is to advise and help in situations such as this. In Victoria, it's called ACAS rather than ACAT.
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    Halloween: The Australian tradition of closing all your blinds at 4 in the afternoon, and ignoring the 3 children in your suburb who watch enough American television to think it exists here.
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    Most important news of the day/year! MUST READ

    Just heard that The Chaser are doing commentary to the royal wedding. This is the first thing I've heard that has made me have any interest whatsoever in watching it.
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    Cyclone Yasi heading for Cairns

    Now category 5 and heading straight for Innisfail. Poor Innisfail, wasn't Larry enough? The scary thing is that the eye alone of Yasi is the same size as the whole of cyclone Larry.:eek:
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    The Art of Stupidity

    I used to subscribe to the newsletters from the Stella Awards website, but it became too much, even just the actual confirmed cases. The fact that those sorts of lawsuits aren't thrown out in the first place, and worse, are often awarded significant damages makes me fear for the future of the...
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    Previously Loved

    Exactly. The fact that the phrase can be interpreted so ambiguously surely can't be a good thing.
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    Entitlement mentality and relatives as tenants: Ask Bossy weighs in

    I love Bossy! Even as I was reading the poster's letter I was smiling in anticipation of Bossy's response and she didn't disappoint.:)
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    indian hatred thread ... again

    Wow, so you think that every one who flys a flag, particularly on a car, is automatically a narrowminded racist. And because of your perceptions, people should not fly flags, because it makes you nervous and fearful. I think not.
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    Defence Housing- End of lease

    Not true. DHA have very different standards depending on the area in which the houses are, and they also vary greatly within the same area. Housing entitlements are based on rank, and even within the same entitlement group there will be big variations within the same suburb. My husband is...
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    Dead Peasant Insurance ...

    I don't know, "Only in America" these days usually means "Coming Soon to Australia".
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    I just watched episode 9 of season 4 a couple of days ago. I'm loving season 4 and this episode just made things get very interesting indeed. It looks like the last few episodes of the season are going to be great!
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    Jerry Springer trailer trash

    Yes, I'm also interested to know who you're LL insurance is with.
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    And now he's gone. I, like many others, thought he'd win or at least make it to the final two. I was very disappointed that Justine left last night. And I can't believe Julie has made it to the final! She makes lovely food but I just can't quite imagine her in a professional kitchen like I...
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    Agreed. Just read an article with her talking about her budding relationship with Chris. :confused: They are the two I'd least expect to hook up.
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    Ha, love it! Very effective I would imagine, you'd just better hope they don't like the LSD too much or you'll have a whole other problem on your hands.:eek:
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    Cups of tea with dad/son

    Believe it or not, it is possible to be turned into a diamond of sorts when you die and are cremated these days. Somehow they compress the carbon in your ashes to such high pressures that they form a gemstone, in the same way that coal is compressed over time to form diamonds. Guess...