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  1. Jake Milne

    Buyers Agent - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

    Nice work NPB! It is difficult to service multiple states... Wouldn't it be nice if we had a national licence for agents!? :cool:
  2. Jake Milne

    Footscray - apartments

    Agree. Townhouses on the Western side of the city are a much safer and smarter choice for investments. Apartments are better in the East for CG.
  3. Jake Milne

    Budget $330k Western suburbs Melbourne

    Ballarat is the best one here worth considering at that budget in my opinion. Reasons: Larger rural centre instead of a small outer suburb, village. Diverse economy. Residex projected growth for houses at 6%. Low-Mid $300,000's can still afford a good size block 600-800sqm.
  4. Jake Milne

    Melbourne to run more

    Completely agree with this. OTP isn't bad sometimes, it's just hard to find developements that have been built well, that aren't compromised in accommodation size, that aren't on busy roads or overdeveloped areas. There are a few gems out there and that can perform very well due to the high...
  5. Jake Milne

    DSR Scores for suburbs - Accurate?

    Thanks cland, looks like a really thought out and insightful article, will read! I've skimmed the article and it has some great points to consider. My thoughts prior to it are that I'd still rather buy in an area that's growing in both population and accommodation. Doubt that will change...
  6. Jake Milne

    1 Bedders in Melbourne

    1BR units usually have better yield than their big brothers because the purchase price is substantially lower while the rents are relatively similar amounts per week. There's nothing wrong with 1BR units in Melbourne as long as you're buying in suburbs that have demand for them. Inner...
  7. Jake Milne

    How to save your Private Messages

    This is great. 200+ emails saved! THANKS
  8. Jake Milne

    End of an Era

    This truly is a sad moment for Australian Property Investors. I hold Somersoft in the highest regard as it really is Australia's number one forum for all things property. Thank you so much to Jan & Ian, the admin and mod team, the long standing and frequent contributors and every member that...
  9. Jake Milne

    What's wrong with Lithgow?

    Sorry Wattle, I think you need to re-read my post. The Gaol is operational and staying so. Cheers.
  10. Jake Milne

    What's wrong with Lithgow?

    I own two properties (Shaft St / Calero St) in Lithgow but I still wouldn't recommend it for an investment area. The local economy struggles, shop rents are high and revenues are low. Nearby industries are either closed or closing (coal mining, small arms production, spring water, etc). The...
  11. Jake Milne

    East vs West Melb % Growth

    This isn't a comparison but interesting none-the-less. Last Quarter's growth suburbs: Suburb / Quarterly Change KEW 18.20% CARLTON NORTH 17.40% DROMANA 16.50% NORTHCOTE 16.40% DANDENONG NORTH 14.00% HAWTHORN EAST 13.70% THOMASTOWN 13.00% WILLIAMSTOWN 12.50% RICHMOND 12.10% GLEN...
  12. Jake Milne

    Deer Park - Write Up

    Hey guys, thanks for the positive feedback. Whilst I'd love to help everyone with their suburbs of interest most of my time is spent doing private research for clients.
  13. Jake Milne

    Deer Park - Write Up

    I agree with Spiderman, I've always been a fan of Sunshine despite its challenges and have shared information on that suburb in several threads. Many BA's do prefer Blue Chip and yes to an extent so do I but they don't suit everyone so all areas must be researched. I've looked into Deer Park...
  14. Jake Milne

    Option A or B which would you go for?

    I live in Prahran and it can take an hour to get to the city... All depends on traffic.
  15. Jake Milne

    Deer Park - Write Up

    Good insights there JP, thanks!
  16. Jake Milne

    Deer Park - Write Up

    Wouldn't want to waste anyone's time with reading it
  17. Jake Milne

    Deer Park - Write Up

    Thanks GreyGhost. First, with prisons and prices, I'd like to point out that it's mostly about market perception. Have you ever heard of a young family saying "Great, there's a max security prison, I'd like to live there."? I'd suggest there are substantial differences in market perception...
  18. Jake Milne

    Deer Park - Write Up

    Already contributed to Frankston albeit with less detail:
  19. Jake Milne

    Option A or B which would you go for?

    Option A. $500k can get you a reasonable 60's/70's apartment 2BR in St Kilda East but with this budget you'd have more choice with 1BR's when it comes to Prahran/Windsor/Elwood/St Kilda/Armadale etc. 1BRs are still good for these suburbs. Make sure the apartment ticks all of the major...
  20. Jake Milne

    Deer Park - Write Up

    Hi Guys, Mentioned this in another thread thought I'd post it front page for future searches. Investing in Deer Park. Let me first say, I'm personally not a fan of Deer Park as an investment area but I understand that you, as an investor will come to your own conclusions and as such I'll...