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    Negligence claim against agent help please

    response from Wollemi Thanks for ur responses all, the agents gave a written guarantee of the services they provide, but maybe on another planet, certainly not earth. There is no way I would ever risk having the amount of damage done to a property again, so its sell, move or leave empty. All...
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    Suing property manager solicitor Syd please

    Suing property manager, any recommendations for a solicitor in western Sydney Parramatta area. My local solicitor suggested a person more specialised in this area of law. Know anyone who manages these cases?
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    Statute of Limitation

    I am preparing a claim for negligence against a real estate agent who managed my property. Could you let me know about the time limits for claims? I believe for damages it is 3 years (or is that only the tenancy division) and have read for services provided it is 10years. What is the time...
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    Negligence claim against agent help please

    Info please re one of the items claimed against real estate negligence in general division OFT. The laundry cabinet (lined internally with white melamine, external hardwood) was full of mould and damp and smelly. On the final inspection report the PM had not mentioned its condition, (along with...
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    Pluumber took taps, electrician cut timber bench top

    Who is responsible? Could anyone provide information about responsibility for the following two situations that occurred during the management of my residential property. 1. A plumber was called regarding the kitchen sink taps, which were reported as ‘old jamming and would not turn off’...
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    Renting with pets

    I had a no pets policy because the property is bushland conservation and there are lots of native birds and animals and no fences. On the few occasions I visited the property, one time there was a dog and a cat living there, and a later tenant had a large dog living inside. The floor...
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    Negligent agent and tenant

    Negligence and claims issues Hi Georges, I am experiencing a similar situation of negligent agent/tenant combination. My agent has not recovered any monies from bonds in spite of extensive damages through various tenancies, its a mess. I had to put in insurance claims for some items, and...
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    Preparing docs for tribunal owner vs real estate

    Ps I was quite fixated on coming to an agreement about the condition of the property and kept on pursuing this with the real estate agent, it seemed to me to be the basis of any sensible discussion. The facts have been unachievable, and every attempt to obtain them has met with resistence...
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    Preparing docs for tribunal owner vs real estate

    Wollemi thanking you for your responses Hi, thank you for responding, and the practical and clear info you all gave helps me to organise the paperwork. I think the transcript of the previous hearing is also a wonderful idea as it was there that the tribunal member made some rather...
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    Pro's & Con's - PM vs Private

    Managing your PM I used a REA to manage a property and have real doubts about ever trusting a REA again. Im not sure what they think their role is, but it certainly doesnt fit with what their agency literature and my contract says. If I had been able to, I would have had to manage the PM's and...
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    Preparing docs for tribunal owner vs real estate

    Hi, can anyone direct me to an example of or resource for, or outline of ways to prepare a good clear application for the tribunal? Owner vs managing real estate agent re breach of contract. Having had my property supposedly 'managed' I return to find another story - unreported damage...