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    credit card limits

    Hi Michael, Actually, when you called the loan manager, he/she would not reply "That's right". Because the letter indicating that you can increase your credit card limit has also in often smaller writing just above where you need to sign, a statement to the effect that you, the credit card...
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    The richest man in babylon summary

    Hi all, Following on my last post, here's a link to sample pages on the book "The Ultimate Gift": Cheers Apprentice Millionaire
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    The richest man in babylon summary

    Hi, I have two boys, aged now 14 and 16. My preference has been to help them with education. Expose them as much as possible to resources that will leave them, as you say Sunstone, with enough "wisdom". It is gratifying when they spend their money on books such as "Retire young retire rich"...
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    Renting to Dept of Housing

    Hi Joanna, Thanks for sharing that. I guess it comes down to risk minimisation. If DoH is the tenant, but the end occupant trashes the place, can you force the DoH to throw them out? Does evicting the end occupant mean you evict the DoH? Cheers Apprentice Millionaire
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    Cashbond Q&A

    Irrespective of what the individual specific situation may lead to, the course is packed with good info, and I agree with Paul: at $286, it is a good investment. Cheers Apprentice Millionaire
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    Mezzanine finance (2nd mortgage)

    Hi Hexabit, Thanks for that. I am sure that would be one of the background checks that would be done! You seem to have experience with mezzanine finance. Do you do it on your own, or are you in a JV or syndicate? I am in Victoria. Cheers Apprentice Millionaire
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    Mezzanine finance (2nd mortgage)

    Hi Paul, Thanks! The aam comes from users names being restricted to a minimum of 3 letters. I assume you mean that you were going to be the lender, not the recipient of the mezzanine finance? What stopped you from getting closer? Yes, solicitors mortgages. Dale GG has a reference to...
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    credit card limits

    Hi, You can add Citibank to that list. Cheers Apprentice Millionaire
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    Renting to Dept of Housing

    Hi, I guess that pro #3 counterbalances con #3. I certainly see a major advantage in pro #4. You said you "inherited" DoH as a tenant: at the end of the lease, did you renew with the DoH? Knowing what you know, would you accept DoH as a tenant? What sort of properties is the DoH after? In...
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    Jude H on Today Tonight

    Jude, you're a legend! Hi Jude! From what I have read (I do not own a TV), and from the comments here, congratulations! I agree wholeheartedly with you: give your kids that head start! I have had a similar plan as yours with my boys, but not as well developed as yours. So I had a good...
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    Building mud brick houses

    Hi I would also guess that it would be STCA. I know in Melbourne that the Nillumbik Shire council is very pro-mud brick. And yes, I agree, it takes a very long time! "one day I'll finish the..." Cheers Apprentice Millionaire
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    Cashbond Q&A

    I attended one of Steve's courses, and I can say that it would have to be one of the most time efficient processes for Steve. But once the "general nature" of things has been covered in a course, it all becomes "individually specific". My experience showed that Steve cannot help me with a...
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    Cold Calling

    Hi Michael, I don't know what the legal implications are, but I always try to turn the situation around. I run two businesses selling too, so I view any cold caller as a potential customer. By making that cold caller see something beneficial in what I have to offer for them personally, then...
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    Mezzanine finance (2nd mortgage)

    Hi all, Haven't been around for a while, and have found all the changes! Sim tells me this is where I should ask a question on mezzanine finance. And before anyone asks: no, I have not done a HK course. I got into a JV part financing a development in Brisbane. It is going well, and the...
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    Anyone heard of Stellar Property Group?

    From: Apprentice Millionaire Hi all, I have searched through the archives, and I found no answer to my search. I have been invited to attend a free presentation (seminar?) by a mob called Stellar Property Group. The words "sensible, no-nonsense philosophy with respect to property investing...
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    "GST, Tax & Property"

    Reply: 1 From: Apprentice Millionaire Hi Dale, Scary! All I can say is: thank goodness I have a good accountant! :-) Cheers Apprentice Millionaire
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    It feels good when you stop!

    Reply: 3 From: Apprentice Millionaire Hi Dale, >Have fun - I'm off to find that wall again Please don't hit it too hard: I need you to stay sane so that you can help me some more! :-) Cheers Apprentice Millionaire
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    Has the latest book hit the bookstores yet?

    RE: Just read Jan Somers Book!!Gee Cee Reply: From: Apprentice Millionaire >Any good suggestions for a quick read motivational book?? The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. Excellent. Cheers Apprentice Millionaire
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    Trust me - I'm an accountant

    Reply: 2 From: Apprentice Millionaire Hi TW If I have placed my trust in my accountant, then my accountant does indeed know much about me (well at least all he needs to know when talking about wealth, financial matters and money). So I would consult my accountant when looking at deals. So...
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    Incentive to get a long term tenant

    Reply: From: Apprentice Millionaire Thanks Yuch! That's a good idea, too! Actually, the current tenant has been in the property for the last 5 years, and is ready to sign for another full 12 months. The likelihood that this tenant will stay for longer is good, I just wanted to...