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    Interest only with an offset against PPOR

    Just wondering from a borrowing power perspective, does going I/O still make sense? I'd prefer going P/I (forced savings) but don't want to limit borrowing power. Does all these new rules with assessments of debt treated differently change this?
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    Why do you Invest in Property?

    Awesome point, property is an easy way to invest in a highly leveraged manner if thats what your strategy is.
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    I'm calling it... 2015 is the peak

    Interesting thread. I do think there are longer term limits on house prices and how far they can move above wage growth. If you believe the stories about low productivity growth capping wage growth, i think house prices are a natural extension.
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    IP @ Belconnen, Canberra

    What about the rest of Canberra? There seems to be a lot of new supply (apartments) coming on in the south as well, Kingston, Woden, Wright, Coombes etc. Do people think the oversupply of apartments is true across almost all of Canberra?
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    How to grow a multi-million dollar portfolio on an average income

    So what does everyone think the case is now? Can people still grow large portfolios in the 'new world'? Or are people going to need increasingly large incomes (for servicing) in order to accumulate?
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    Take the money and RUN!!!

    Agree. In many ways I think the regulators are still finding their feet in this type of space, and quite rightly don't want to overstep. However I think it could be something we see more and more of. It's not a bad way to try limit the transmission of interest rate changes to credit growth...
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    Calculating changes to your borrowing power

    +1 - this is super useful!
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    APRA - Announcement on Prudential lending

    I think there is sufficient competition in the market to ensure banks will keep offering IO on higher LVR's. My take on this was it was as much about bank's capital as lending products. There has been growth in risker lending products (in APRA's view) so they want to make sure bank's capital...
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    Grattan Report: Wealth of Generations

    Has been getting some coverage in the mainstream press today too - especially its comments on the younger generation being less wealthy than 10 years ago.
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    rates to be cut in 2015?

    Growth forecasts seem to have been over the odds for a while now. The days of chucking 3% in your forecast and then making a few tweaks up or down are over. Personally I don't see where the growth (to get back to the 'long run average') is coming from, so I think this could continue for a while.
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    Conclusions from the Financial System Inquiry

    Abolishing NG would definitely be controversial. I think realistically it would require bi-partisan support to do which I can't see happening.
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    Regional NSW this cycle

    What are your thoughts on PM? I'm looking a potentially purchasing somehting there. From a cap growth perspective I'm not too fussed, do you have any insights on vacancy rates / likely vacancy risk? The vancancy rate data seems pretty good over a long period, but I'd be interested in the...
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    great Rolling Stones special, Thurs 9.30, 2

    :eek: But they're the Rolling Stones! Self proclaimed greatese rock and roll band in the world!
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    'Macro Prudential' controls on bank lending

    Nice thread strongy1986! I don't think theres any need to panic. My view is theat things are still along way from a sector wide response like lower LVR's etc. I think APRA would be looking to do something as targeted as possible - maybe limited to IO loans like Redom suggested - or even...
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    What Will The "Free-Trade-Aggrement"with China do for Australia..

    I see you've found Wiki's definition! Thats a good start! Geopolitics is a broad term that encompasses analysing how countries act in the context of their geographical region, history, culture etc etc. As the days of major territorial expansion are thankfully mostly over (Russia aside), economic...
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    What Will The "Free-Trade-Aggrement"with China do for Australia..

    Macca, this has been something floated amongst previous governments, the argument against it has always been that the government has the option to forcibly take the land back if push comes to shove, so the land can always be recovered if necessary. However I think the more pertinent point is...
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    Though messy, the charts do show LMI jumps when the loan amount crosses $500k and again at $1 mil, in addition to the jump at 88% mentioned earlier.
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    Ok, sorry guys, this is a bit messy, data overload! I don't think the charts are a great way to display this info, too busy. For those interested I've attached 2 charts, one with a sample from 300k to 1.5 mil and one just looking at LMI costs up to $20k which seems more realistic. However...
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    That'll take slightly longer, give me a few mins, I'll post it up
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    What Will The "Free-Trade-Aggrement"with China do for Australia..

    China has been very 'closed' with its economic affairs in the past - its going through a slow process of opening up. Securing a FTA with China is a big signal geopolicitally about the future direction of the bilateral relationship. Similar to the annual leaders meeting Gillard arranged. So...