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    Me Bank

    Fair enough regarding lack of clarity about my circumstances and ME chickening out at the last moment. Nevertheless, ME Bank advertises for providing owner builder loans, whereas clearly their own policy prohibits it till lock up stage and they have no intention of funding till lock up stage...
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    Me Bank

    ME bank: incompetence galore Extremely frustrating experience with ME bank with respect to owner builder loans: I was lead to believe that ME bank does Owner builder loan. Loan was provisionally approved and a (bank appointed) valuation completed over a period of 2 months, till I get a...
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    South facing block subdivision problem with Whitehorse council

    A balcony might assist you : a) It is considered as a POS. b) Requires less area than a POS on ground. c) Is (almost) always located at the front of dwelling, owing to neighbours privacy requirements c) Works with council's concern of not being located in the front yard. I had balcony...