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  1. laurieload

    IP not rented out for 5 weeks ...what to do

    When you do find someone to advertise your place perhaps you could pay for a premium ad, one of those with a border and who stay on top of the listing? It worked for one of our harder to rent places, and didn't cost that much more than the regular ad.
  2. laurieload

    Sealing old, flat metal roof

    Thanks for the reply guys, yes think you are right :)
  3. laurieload

    Sealing old, flat metal roof

    Hello everyone, We have a small house with an old fairly flat roof in Cairns. It doesn't seem to be leaking atm but there is a lot of water damage to gutters and facias that we need to fix, so we thought we should give the roof some attention too. The previous owner sprayed some sort of...
  4. laurieload

    ACT granny flat planning laws changed

    Just seen that GF's can now be 90m2 in ACT, and don't need to be related to occupants:
  5. laurieload

    That's fantastic, thanks for sharing. I often advertise for workers in hostels and over Christmas we were lucky enough to meet a french electrician/tiler and his Italian gf who spent two weeks retiling an outdoor area and completely redoing a bathroom in exchange for free accommodation, beer...
  6. laurieload

    Trying to match 10yr old tiles

    Looks like some awful pinkish-beige tiles I was trying to match in Cairns. Previous owner tiled whole house except a large patch behind the fridge. Drove to 6 unhelpful tile shops with a broken piece to match the colour and ended up with something that looked completely different once in the...
  7. laurieload

    Cairns insurer

    Revised old thread but may as well pitch in as recently did this - Cairns building only insurance with BOQ - $1955 ish for standard 3bed/1 bath block house with pool in Edge Hill. Covers flood and storm $2000 excess, doesn't include contents, accidental damage, swimming pool cleaning or...
  8. laurieload

    Do dirty exit tenants get 2nd chance?

    Great, that's my impression too. Nice to have it verified as reasonable though, thanks everyone.:)
  9. laurieload

    Do dirty exit tenants get 2nd chance?

    The property was a furnished short term and tenants broke their lease. The PM visited the day before the tenant exited to do exit condition report as the tenants were leaving early in the morning, and gave a list of things that need attention. After the tenants left I asked him to let a...
  10. laurieload

    Do dirty exit tenants get 2nd chance?

    When a tenant exits a lease (NSW) and leaves the place dirty and the grass unmowed, is the landlord obliged to list things that need attention and give the tenants the opportunity to come back and attend to it before calling in the professionals and docking their bond? Can't find anything on...
  11. laurieload

    Recommend Pest and building inspection in Newcastle area

    We used which our Inspecta Homes (Tim Lees) which our lawyer (Woodgate) organised. We were very happy with their service. Recently I rang them about a pest inspection when I thought I had found termites in an old hedge I pulled out and they sent around the pest guy who determined it was...
  12. laurieload

    Offer before an open

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Cliff, I like your advice about putting in an offer after the first open and might give that a shot for the ones I want to offer on this weekend. Most of the REA's I have been dealing with have been ignoring my sunset clauses, and won't go out of their way to...
  13. laurieload

    Offer before an open

    No looking in newcastle (and canberra and cairns). Last time I sold a house the agent asked me what price I wanted and then added 10%. Is this still common practice?
  14. laurieload

    Offer before an open

    Thanks Jamie. Yes I am often amazed at how lack lustre and apathetic some agents are in their selling process. They seem to forget that buyers are often future sellers too.:rolleyes: Think I will put in an offer and see how I go. This ones in NSW but am also looking in the ACT too.
  15. laurieload

    Offer before an open

    Found a property I really like and the agent wont show me before the open. On the phone he gave me the impression that he just couldn't be bothered. :confused: However, I know the area well and the numbers stack up. Am sure that there will be other offers if I leave it until the open. My...
  16. laurieload

    Is an IP with pool asking for trouble?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Some very useful advice/opinions and much appreciated.:)
  17. laurieload

    Is an IP with pool asking for trouble?

    Well I'm looking at a few IP house in Cairns and several have pools. I've never owned a pool before but 5mins of research tells me they can be a lot of work and money and therefore may just be a PITA.:eek: This is baring in mind the IP's I'm looking at are at the lower-mid range of the money...
  18. laurieload

    Tenant not paying up. Off to Tribunal

    +++ 1000! Years ago I had a magistrate almost side with non payers just because they had small (ratbag) kids. That was until we told the magistrate we were ourselves poor, renting students. So much for acting upon the evidence!
  19. laurieload

    Struggling to find tenants in Perth

    +1 redo photos, walls and floors look terrible curved! Also suggest adding bright fruit bowl / vase etc in kitchen and bathroom for colour, maybe bringing in a rug and some indoor palms in pots would also help. Also open the blinds before taking the pics to make it as bright as possible. I...
  20. laurieload

    Convert a garage into a teenage retreat/studio

    Congrats on getting an acceptable price! Have heard different things about garage conversions in terms of valuation in different areas so not sure about that. But is there any chance you could keep roller door and put up a stud wall 1m or so in (can use that area as shed then) and use...