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    Using PPOR equity, best options?

    Thanks for the input everyone. The new val was ~100k higher (hence the 80k available equity to maintain 80%), and no LMI has been paid. I would say the chances of IP becoming PPOR are fairly high. Still having a few discussions with my wife about whether it is all necessary atm. If we split...
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    Using PPOR equity, best options?

    Hi, Got a query regarding loan structure. I currently have a $490k PPOR loan, on which I'm currently paying IO, and accumulating funds in my offset. Potentially looking to purchase some shares (not a lot, like 20k) in the next six months with a view to purchase another property within 12-18...
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    Is rhodes/homebush bay area a good place to live?

    I live in Wolli and my brother is currently renting in Rhodes. I work in the city and spend a lot of time there on the weekend, so Wolli is perfect for me. From an investment POV I've seen rents decline in the past 12 months. There is a massive amount of apartments being completed in the last...
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    NRAS dead?

    and it's goooone The Government will achieve savings of $235.2 million over three years by not proceeding with Round 5 of the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). Funding for incentives from earlier rounds that...
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    PPOR (Future IP) refinance question

    So there's no real point is there? Yes loan was originally P&I but changed to IO/offset a while ago. Thanks for the input. Silly question but just needed to get my head around it. Wasn't 100% sure.
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    PPOR (Future IP) refinance question

    Hi, Looking for some initial thoughts on my situation. I'm in the process of refinancing my PPOR (balance $400k, valuation $600k). In a few years I'm looking to purchase a new PPOR, and turn my existing PPOR into an investment property. Will be refinancing to an IO loan and parking excess...
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    Are property managers totally unaccountable for their mismanagement?

    Been burnt by a lucklustre PM previously, although accepted that I should have asked more questions and not just trusted them. Terminated and when I searched for a replacement PM, made sure they understood I wanted to see pictures, etc - before I signed on. You might have a case to pursue for...
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    Buyer might not be able to get finance....

    Realistically I can't see it happening within the next few years. Still a lot of groundwork to cover before it is in play.
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    L J Hooker franchise ended over lost money

    - oops, didn't see link posted above...
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    Recommendation for OTP pre-settlement inspection SYD

    Hi all, A off-the-plan unit we purchased is nearly settlement date and I am looking for a recommendation for a person to engage for an defect inspection pre-settlement. We've already been out to the property a few times to have a look but am considering a professional in case we have...
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    Entitlement payable?

    Check with the various state authorities for Unclaimed Money e.g. SRO Vic: If it's super, check the ATO, etc etc.
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    $300 to remove "non compliant deadlock"

    Check with your locksmith that the lock has been tested / rated to Australian Standards.
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    What if tenants don't move out by settlement day?.

    Several similar threads already around which you may want to read: From...
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    Resi - Multi year leases

    As well as rent until it's tenanted again, right?
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    Contract question and price

    Trap for young players... turns out it wasn't the price being considered. Oh well, the search goes on! Cheers laurencei
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    Contract question and price

    Good point, hadn't considered that. Oh well, will know soon enough.
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    Contract question and price

    Hi all, Just a fairly simple question. Looking at a PPOR, inspected it last week, and dropped into the real estate to get a copy of the contract prior to making an offer. I didn't bother reviewing the contract at the agency, as I have just started to do so. I've just noticed that the agent...
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    Tax help please :)

    What BV said is correct - had the same situation happen for me, had an IP, and an unexpected request to go o/s for a few years. Back now and able to apply those losses towards my current income.
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    Wentworth Point Marinas

    I was looking at this area previously. Although I see developers and marketers trumpeting the bridge which will make it immensely easy to walk across to Rhodes and the train station, important to note that a decision hasn't even been made on it, still in the fairly early stages of planning. I...
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    Valuation reports and time delay

    Hi, Looking to by my second property (first PPOR). We have a unit identified near Sydney, however trying to come up with a decent valuation of the property. Before I spend on a Residex/RP Data report, I'm wondering if people have any opinions on how the time lag between selling properties...