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    Melbourne Get Together Tues 9th June Mitcham Hotel

    Melbourne Somersoft Wake? G'day Any chance of organising a Melbourne Farewell to Somersoft event while the Board is still open? I had actually noted the June meeting in my Diary but the day ganged up on me .... perhaps I knew that something was in the wind? So let us not let Somersoft go...
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    End of an Era

    Should Auld Acquaintance Hello Ian and Jan, Sim and all others who have created and contributed so much to Somersoft over the years: I was introduced to Somersoft by some buyer agent customers of mine (now, that's certainly another era!) and so became Somersoft Member #20, officially joining...
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    What is your end strategy?

    Ho! GoAnna! Ho, GoAnna! I was talking to Mike about your townhouses only last week, there are some similar roof lines under construction which we walk past every so often, so if your ears were burning last week, it was us! I will write again in a bit of detail about the planning...
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    Question for the brokers

    Thanks for your suggestions Colin I hope Scott's tenants are able to get their flat without too much trouble They sound well resourced and well prepared and as New Australians deserve to be made welcome! Regards Kristine
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    Question for the brokers

    Sorry Colin? Get paid? By whom and for what? As a broker, I get paid six to eight weeks after settlement. If the deal doesn't settle, who would pay me? Nope, I just have to deal with it, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't matter. Cheers Kristine
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    Me Bank

    Hey Redom What a pity you listen to rumours that tell nasty stories about individual people. I have nothing but praise for the team at ME, I have a construction loan being funded with them now and they have all been the most pleasant, helpful, cheerful and diligent team throughout the whole...
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    Question for the brokers

    Sauce for the Goose G'day Colin Well, I've been in this business for a while now and thought that there was a level playing field in that the branches had to abide by the same credit and lending policy as the brokers But, I recently did a lot of work for a customer in Tasmania where the...
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    Me Bank

    But everything else about ME is worth walking a country mile for Their credit policy is one of the most user friendly, particularly for non-standard securities Regards
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    Question for the brokers

    Go To The Bank. G'Day Scott As Pete said, there are some lenders which will lend on the rent servicing the debt For deals like this, they are often best to walk in to the branch where they bank and talk to the branch manager or failing that, the loans officer. If they have brought...
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    Does stamp duty apply for selling a property to spouse? VIC

    Hello Terry Not sure what I am incorrect with If a Principal Place of Residence is disposed of, in any way, the sale or disposal would usually be exempt from Capital Gains tax In my experience, as I described, I brought my spouse into the ownership of a property. My CPA advised me...
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    Does stamp duty apply for selling a property to spouse? VIC

    Hello Imbi If you 'sell' then it is a transaction like any other However, the Stamps Act allows for the transfer of real property between spouses as an act of Love & Devotion. The Transfer is exempt from Stamp and, as I understand it, from Transfer Duty but you pay the usual...
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    Early retirement extreme

    Hedonic Adaption I really liked Mr Money Mustache reference to Hedonic Adaption We all experience that euphoric response to change, the change we experience as beneficial to us, whether that be a great night out or a permanent change such as a 'better' job or a new car or house etc But is...
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    Solicitor/Conveyancer in Melbourne

    Victoria wide Conveyancing G'day We bought our first property together in 1980 and Francis & Torrens didn't open until 1985 but from then on, we have used them exclusively for any conveyancing matters in Victoria. Lea Francis and her long serving staff (Linda has...
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    Preparing for first auction - advice needed

    Auctions - Street Theatre at it's Best!! Hi fh Welcome to the Forum! Auctions are strange beasts. You may find yourself standing with a crown of a hundred people and no bidders, or a straggly group of about five people, all determined not to leave without buying the property! Your...
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    Request for advice/services for a cash rich/time poor potential property investor?

    Hey Wattle Count the green dots. Dazz and I go back a long way! Still, if he is being nasty to newbies ...... ***** Whammo!!! (snigger) Kristine
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    Off the plan finance

    Finance Alternatives Hi LL78 In a short answer, No. In this instance you are the owner (developer) and will engage a separate builder to build the dwellings The usual construction contract requires a deposit plus 6 stage payments. These are your responsibility as the contract is...
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    Request for advice/services for a cash rich/time poor potential property investor?

    Tsk Tsk Dazz .... Tsk Tsk Dazz Some things never change. I haven't visited the Forum much lately and here I am now, reading you being lofty and abrupt to some poor, unfortunate newbie who just wants to learn all about it in the most concise, precise and direct way possible. Dang it...
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    Melbourne Feb 2014 Somersoft Meeting - Matthew Flinders Chadstone

    Future Melbourne Dates Hey Y-man Thanks for the list but any particular reason why it is all Tuesdays particularly now that you have Uni on Tuesdays? Regards Kristine
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    FAQ: The dreaded Land Tax

    Hey David Wait until you are paying an amount equivalent to the Couple's Old Age Pension in Land Tax each year! Each State charges their own property taxes. Read the State Revenue Office website for your State for information on calculation of the tax and whether you will pay more for...