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    WA Budget

    In case you haven't noticed, land tax increases by ~100% for most people. Anything from $420K-$1m unimproved value will be a 127% increase. For higher unimproved values, increase is around 80%, decreasing as you get into the higher thresholds. e.g. $2m unimproved value, land tax...
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    Perth Meetup

    Nice to meet you all there, was a good turn out! I had to laugh at those photos though - I look like that faceless guy from Seinfeld. You know, the one who you only ever see from behind. That's my head in the first two photos haha. Oh and thanks Mal for organising - and Aoning for...
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    Do you even?

    Gain. I'm an ecto / endo. Was around high 60kgs when I started training, but was also doing bulk exercise. When I bulked hardcore, my endo traits started showing. I got to 106kgs but was FAT. Probably like 35% bodyfat if not more. My overall best shape was probably when I was about...
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    Do you even?

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly.
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    Do you even?

    I've been pretty slack with my gym for some time now - I certainly don't have the motivation that I used to. I'm still in decent shape, but just don't have the drive I used to have. I have been slowing getting back into it though. Short term goals - Start training regularly again...
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    Do you even?

    If that is legitimate, it makes me think that I have been putting in a **** poor effort. 6 months at over 40 years old??
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    Hidden GoPro camera reveals what it's like to walk through NYC as a woman.

    I couldn't agree more. Some of the guys may be crass and have no style, and others are downright rude. But this is from TEN HOURS of walking and she has just cherrypicked the 1.5 minutes of footage that shows what she wants it to show. And some of the comments in this thread are...
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    The walking dead

    I couldn't get into this show - the zombie threat just isn't believable. There is this one character (I don't know her name) who I saw in one episode just walking around slicing all their heads off with a samurai sword. Surely they could just (slowly) wipe out all the zombies? It's not...
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    Beware! SRO (Victoria) are on a warpath! Just got a land tax bill of 12k!

    Wait, I may have misread something, but were you not paying any land tax at all on the property in a trust? If that's the case, surely you should have known that you had a liability to pay there?
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    Cairns market maybe slightly improving is some areas?

    I like this thread title - No sensationalism or spruiking in it
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    What would happen to house prices if stamp duty was abolished?

    Correct, but not sure what that has to do with the proposed question? If one state (or all states) were to eliminate stamp duty in favour of other state taxes that better utilise the land base (e.g. a broader based land tax, or increased council rates etc etc), what would be the impact on...
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    What would happen to house prices if stamp duty was abolished?

    Yup. But the ACT is small chips - and also most of the people are loaded there. How would it impact a bigger state, or Australia as a whole? That is the question...
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    What would happen to house prices if stamp duty was abolished?

    Edited my original post - most likely replacement for stamp duty would be an increase in land tax via broadening the base or increasing the rate. This has been proposed numerous times - I'm just curious as to what the impact would be.
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    What would happen to house prices if stamp duty was abolished?

    Hypothetical question - I'm curious as to what the impact would be. EDIT: I'm not talking about a freebie - I'm talking about a tax shift. So, most likely, would be an increase in the land tax rates or a broadening of the base (e.g. to include owner occupiers and other exempt categories)...
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    What is your strategy?

    Pretty much my thoughts exactly. If your business fails, you are pretty much screwed (as you now no longer have equity or income). Which begs the question - how much income is enough?
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    What is your strategy?

    I like this strategy. But the first step, starting a business, where would you even start?? Surely this is extremely high risk? Business could very easily fail and you are totally screwed.
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    Australian housing overvalued Apologies if this is a repost - just saw it this morning and thought I'd post it up.
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    How Long to Make/Save a Million Dollars?

    I think you might be confusing assets and equity? If you have a $1m house with an $800K loan, you have: $1m assets $800k liabilities $200k equity
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    I made $3000 today..ask me how

    Impressive! I always wonder whether I'm getting the best deal on my mortgages.