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    Thinking about buying a spa ..recommendations

    I love my spa:D - We have a 5 person Lanark with 2 motors and we use Ozone (so no chlorine smell), sits on a deck for easy access to pump/motors. We haven't had too much trouble with ours over the years. Just a little tip tho - we thought our pump had died, spa shop guys agreed and said we...
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    Which areas do you think will experience strong (>15%) growth in 2008?

    I believe inner city Perth luxury apartments.....still heaps and heaps of cashed up buyers in WA that want to live the high life! Another of my picks would have to be undervalued areas of Caboolture & Ipswich, QLD. sq:)
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    Comment by 'suzieq' in media 'Bangkok'

    Love it Tizzy!!!! I'm off to Bangkok in March - can't wait. sq
  4. Penan Woman - Mulu, Borneo

    Penan Woman - Mulu, Borneo

    Photo taken whilst visiting a Penan settlement on the banks of a river in Mulu National Park, Sarawak Borneo. Jan 2007. Her ears are stretched from years of wearing the tribal earrings!
  5. Jungle trekking - Bako National Park, Kuching

    Jungle trekking - Bako National Park, Kuching

    Aaaah Borneo.....this is one of our family adventures in January 2007.
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    Personal Development anyone?

    Hi guys, I have always been a big advocate of personal growth/development. I believe that everything we experience in our life, be it good or bad, teaches us something about ourselves. One of my favourite books is "Hug the Monster" by Smith and Leicester. cheers sq
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    Any serious cooks out there to recommend some good cookware..?

    Hi Harris, My hubby was a chef and he recommends the best thing for you to do is go into a commercial cookwear supplier/hospitality supplier, as they have big showrooms and usually qualified staff to help you with your decision. In Perth we get all our cooking gear from Gibpat....don't...
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    Annual meeting?

    Count me in!:) sq
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    Ausprop we are a week off getting the keys, then I'll be up there landscaping so you won't be getting any more sand flying of ours!!! I've still got a bit of finishing up to do, but overall pretty happy with the outcome. We had ours valued at $550,000 although it is unfinished.... so I...
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    Purchasing in VIC - Frankston Area

    I was using Andrew Milne R/E on recommendation from this forum, but I too have just switched agents as they are definately under resourced. If I had have had Cathy maybe things would have been different (who knows). So far I'm happy with the new agents I have chosen (eview in Station Street...
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    Anyone used Intrepid?

    Hi guys, Planning next trip and wondering if anyone has done any small group/adventure tours with either Intrepid or Gap Adventures? Would be interested to hear any stories. Thinking about doing Nepal, Mongolia or India..... or even a combination of a couple of places over a period of 6-8...
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    Budget Travel

    I have used Air Asia a couple of times and found them to be great....just means your dollar stretches further when holidaying and for us that means more holidays:D sq
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    Real estate Certificate

    Funny how this topic has come up....... I am taking some extended leave from my current job and seriously looked into getting out there and selling real estate as a change of occupation. After much consideration I have decided not to go ahead with it, as the whole idea of growing my IP...
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    Introducing - ME!

    Welcome Aaron, Nice to see another West Aussie on board :D I think your skills/experience will be very useful to some of the people on this site. cheers suzieq
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    Portfolio structure question

    Hi Ausprop, Yes I use MYOB to track all expenses coming from the LOC for each IP. I actually have the LOC set up like a business on MYOB (for accounting purposes only). It seems to be working well at the moment. Perhaps in the future I will be in a position to shuffle things around. I...
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    Portfolio structure question

    Thanks for your reply Rolf, I suppose I just wanted clarification as to what she was suggesting and to make sure that there wasn't something I was missing. Appreciate your input. cheers sq:)
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    Portfolio structure question

    I have asked my MB to get a valuation done on one of my IP's, as there is sales evidence to suggest that there is definately some equity ready to be recycled. I want to use the extra funds to top up my LOC (which is used purely for investment purposes). She has suggested that the best way...
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    4 years to buy 2nd investment property.

    I must say Mat, I'm a bit of a sight unseen person if the numbers stack up and I'm buying otp or near new in a heated market. I could have lost out on a couple of very sweet deals if I hadn't have purchased sight unseen this year. You need to be comfortable with whatever you choose to...
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    2007 How many properties did you buy?

    We bought 3 this year, and hoping to buy another 1 or 2 next year depending upon good ol cashflow. sq
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    Investing interstate

    WA, QLD and VIC - city and regional. sq