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    End of an Era

    thanks for everything and good luck in your future endeavours
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    fix bird shiiit problem on power line?

    I have 3 lines above my driveway and everyday my cars get drenched in birdshit (nowhere else to park them) Any ideas on how to get rid of them? I've looked at spikes but i'm not sure how to keep them upright. help!
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    Westpac - probation period & LMI

    slightly off topic, but what sort of PAP discount could one expect from westpac for $1.5M loan at 80%LVR? cheers
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    any lenders offer low docs without BAS?

    thanks for the responses, guys i ended up submitting it as a fulldoc.
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    any lenders offer low docs without BAS?

    oh i should mention this is for a client. so far from what I could gather, Westpac , ANZ requires BAS, Homeside requires a declaration from an accountant. The last lowdoc i've lodged was pre-NCCP days. :o
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    any lenders offer low docs without BAS?

    ABN over 10 years 50% LVR Refinance standard resi property preferably at full doc rates.
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    Understand the math ~ Diet vs Exercise

    found this website today which provides a good nutrition guide
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    try quite often free $10 - $20 coupons come up. Or there could be a valid coupon available if you google it.
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    What is the best discount on rates you are getting? Post your here?

    agreed. it wasnt long ago when the SVR of the majors were within a whisker of each other. so perhaps in the not too distant future that Wesuck 0.9% discount might put you ahead of Homeside/NAB.
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    Long Term Currency charts

    i use a platform from metatrader 4 is actually used by numerous other brokers. Most importantly its FREE and spyware free (AFAIK :) ) has Euro / USD data from 1989 from what i can see. Also has US Dollar index and DJIA and SPX data.
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    Diet, Exercise and Weight loss - help!

    easy as A.B.C. A) good clean DIET: if you can catch it, kill it, pick it, and clean it - then you could (probably :) ) eat it. Eg: Chicken, fish, beef, eggs, pork, fruit, VEGES!, sweet potatos, instant oats, brown rice, olive oils, fish oils, avacados, etc Lay off the sugars, fruit juices...
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    ACDC tickets!

    Anyone seen their sydney shows yet?
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    Question about ANZ

    Dont forget to order the val! ;)
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    The Off Topic Thread

    LOL had one of those moments today except i was playing Black Betty :cool:
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    Increasing Credit Card Limit - will it go on my credit history report

    i rec'd a similsr offer from ANZ which i took and they did do a credit check on my file
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    1st visit with mb - I'm excited

    looks just like a hotel room!
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    Travelling overseas and access to money

    i added extra funds to my Wizard CC and then withdrew those funds from ATMs. zero withdrawal fees and no interest on funds withdrawn :)
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    cumputer trading funds

    he's just trying to save you some money :)
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    Mortgage Choice Brokers

    exy as in expensive
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    Commercial Loan Rates

    ING commercial rates