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    End of an Era

    Although I have only been on the forum since last year and haven't purchased a ip yet I have learnt a lot about investing. Thankyou to all involved in running this forum. I have met a few great people since joining. Look forward to continuing on the new forum.
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    Starting my building co. Looking for advice or mentor!

    With risk comes reward. I was the same as you are now when I first started my carpentry business. Best decision I ever made. You won't regret it. If it doesn't work out for you there is plenty of work for carpenters in Sydney.
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    Neighbour abuse and defamation

    My thoughts exactly. Go knock on the persons door and throw a bullet at them and then say the next one is coming a lot quicker
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    cheap garage

    It would be the same as someone having a fibro house. Anyone can smash through it if they wanted to.
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    Starting my building co. Looking for advice or mentor!

    Spread the word on social media and put up pics of your previous work. Do you want to get into the full build for a client. If your going to do a full build for a client then make sure you have a good lot of tradies that are good and reliable. I think there is a company you can advertise...
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    Does Swimming pool adds value to property as far resell concern

    Just put an outdoor spa in the yard. Easy to remove if you sell the place.
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    Sydney Silliness Warnings 2015

    Not enough for the banks. Plus we had some complications with our ppor mortgage that has gone against us which won't allow us to borrow until 6 months.
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    NSW Central Coast

    I am up here at the moment. I drove past the house yesterday but there were no for sale signs. Definitely isn't worth over $320k if it's a 2bdr
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    Sydney Silliness Warnings 2015

    Join the club. I'm on this forum to learn and make some like minded friends. And I can't borrow until November for another property because I'm on workers Comp.
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    My first reno

    The wall to the left of the tv looks like a beige colour.
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    Who here has build apartments?

    How long from start to finish has it taken to build the 11 units
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    My first reno

    Looks great, big improvement. If you don't mind sharing could you tell me the name of paint colour in the bottom pic on the left hand wall. That's the sort of colour I want to use when I render my house. The wall to the left of the tv.
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    Sub division in Lake Maquarie Council

    Yeah that's him. Probably at a lakeside cafe somewhere on lake munmoron :D
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    Buying off the plan caveats for House and Land package in Sydney.

    Search for a forum member ej89.he has researched alot around this area and may be able to help you out.
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    Sub division in Lake Maquarie Council

    Where is David when you need him...
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    Most fun jobs you've ever had

    My dad was a postie in sydney. He sent me a pic today at the exact minute when he started working there 46 years ago in Mosman. He is no longer a postie though. I think my job is fun building houses. It is really satisfying seeing what you have just built.
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    NSW Builders License Course

    Or if you go down to woolworths I think they are handing them out in cereal boxes now . What experience do you have in the construction industry. There are rpl companies that you may be able to go through.
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    Trade Services in Rooty Hill, NSW

    Plumber- Brendan 0422769078
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    How much would it cost to build a small 3 bedroom house?

    Who is the builder Dave. Are they in sydney
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    Insurance broker, Sydney

    John 0412027415