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  1. buzzlightyear

    City of Stonnington - Draftsperson

    Does anyone have any good references for a draftsperson for a small renovation/ extension and that have experience in the City of stonnington. We know what we want but need to translate to drawings and understand some of the particulars and variables around setback requirements. Thanks
  2. buzzlightyear

    Is it time for Frankston?

    Hocking Stuart are the worst offenders of under quoting. This us yet another example....
  3. buzzlightyear

    No response from ATO RE: variation....

    I can confirm the 56 days service level. Of course thats a maximum. I have had a variation done in each of my last 2 roles. One took 1 week, the other 4 weeks. After 2 weeks I wouldn't be concerned. I suspect you want to receive the variation quickly so your payroll can apply the...
  4. buzzlightyear

    Price guide above xxx,000

    I have noticed in Sydney some agents have the above commentary when marketing price. Is this equivalent to the Melb practice of saying xxx,000 plus? With the plus supposedly being 10%. Or is this used in practice so differently between agents that it's pointless to assume. Given its the...
  5. buzzlightyear

    disclosing address as self-managing landlord

    Use a work address... Realise you are in WA and I am located in Vic but I have self managed a couple of properties, and had the same concern that I didn't want to disclose my personal address based on an admittedly small risk. In saying that, I used one one of these a street address, in...
  6. buzzlightyear

    Interest Rate Unchanged in April-14

    Current Vic unemployment rate as reported by ABS in February 2014 is 6.4%. Seems a long way from 7.3%...
  7. buzzlightyear

    Is it time for Frankston?

    It's Ground Hog Day.....again Yes, it happened again :rolleyes: The lease for the rear unit is expiring in June and I received another nil increase recommendation. This is currently renting at $225 after being on a 12 month lease. After sharing my views, I offered the tenant a 12 lease...
  8. buzzlightyear

    New ANZ switch process

    Ok, it went something like this...... Last Friday (14/3), I went in for my appointment. Told them the fixed interest rate term i wanted. They checked to see if the loan was previously issued with LMI. It wasn't. That was it. No forms, nothing to sign, no pay slips or anything else...
  9. buzzlightyear

    Additional person requested on lease

    Background is as follows. My IP (4br house) has been rented to two applicants starting January for 12 months. Rent is $395pw Have received a request for another person to go on the lease. The property is sufficiently large enough to cater for the extra person. The person is a 22yr first...
  10. buzzlightyear

    3 and 5 year fixed rate thread

    ANZ next announce their interest rate changes on March 14. It would be improbable in my opinion, that they wouldn't meet the market by reducing their 2 and 3 year fixed rates in line with the other 3 majors.
  11. buzzlightyear

    New ANZ switch process

    I have just spoken to the ANZ mortgage specialist at one of the Melbourne CBD branches on this very subject. My loan is ending its interest only period of 5 years in 2 weeks and knowing their process had previously asked me to produce my 'first born' i was surprised when they told me, we...
  12. buzzlightyear

    Liberals - policies may cause a recession??

    Here's just one... The ending of Federal government subsidies to the automotive industry. The facts and findings are from the Productivity Commission's Australia Automotive Manufacturing Industry January 2014. Quoting from page 2;
  13. buzzlightyear

    Is it time for Frankston?

    My personal experience with rents and REA in the area on a dual dwelling site that I own is exactly as grand dad has portrayed. Whilst my PM does a good job on almost all other matters, all letters I have received from them prior to leases expiring and after tenants have vacated/preparing for...
  14. buzzlightyear

    3 and 5 year fixed rate thread

    This is for NZ right, not for Australia.
  15. buzzlightyear

    Top order fail again.

    England played NZ in NZ earlier this year. For all three tests, the winner of the toss elected to field. All three games were drawn.
  16. buzzlightyear

    Ducted heating duct replacement - expense or depreciation

    Yes, should have clarified. It is damage done to my PPOR whilst living there but only identified and diagnosed the issue after it was rented when the tenants were asking about differential in the hot air from various parts of the house.
  17. buzzlightyear

    Ducted heating duct replacement - expense or depreciation

    After having a service on my ducted heating unit, it seems as if an animal, namely my partners dog, has destroyed or at least pierced most of the ducts under the house. A quote has come back of $2135 to replace :( Now, my initial thoughts are that this must be depreciated as its a...
  18. buzzlightyear

    Paying rent using a credit card

    How quickly does it take for the money to hit your account?
  19. buzzlightyear

    Cost to Polish Floorboards

    Just did this for 102 sqm and was charged $3300 (cash). There was also some small repairs to floorboards.
  20. buzzlightyear

    Interest Rates - where now??

    AUD - The Undead Well it seems you cant kill it! The AUD is now above 96 US cents. Let's see if the RBA is serious about maintaining the fight to keep it down instead of its bluff and jawboning attempts. Glenn Stevens, its time to show some testicular fortitude.