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    Understand the math ~ Diet vs Exercise

    No, I disagree. This is a simplification. These sorts of statements are very common, and are unhelpful in addressing what is becoming a very serious problem for society. They are also based on a flawed understanding about how people make decisions. If people really could make a 'set and...
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    Perth property listings - under 9,000

    Westminster is the house in the intake area for Kyilla Primary School? Looks like it would be. If so I would pop that somewhere prominent in the ad - excellent public school and local intake area only.
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    Foreign Buyers will increase

    Hi Westminster, Permanent Residents can buy what they want. 457 holders (i.e. temporary migrants sponsored by employers for up to four years) must apply for approval before buying - I have no idea what is involved here. In the Mindarie area I would imagine most are PR's if not citizens...
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    Modern locking technologies

    Does anyone know if CCTV systems are considered a good deterrent?
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    Why be an employer ?

    In my experience it is straightforward to terminate the employment of someone who is not performing, at least procedurally, as long as you actually manage your employees appropriately, and accept that you will at some point be sued by someone, and will at some point have to pay out - to me this...
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    Looking for a good concreter Perth

    Thanks Jamie. I'll give it a go :)
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    Looking for a good concreter Perth

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a good concreter in Perth? Looking to do a driveway about 120 sq metres. Thanks!
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    Racism in Australia

    The truth is that there is always be miserable unhappy people who want to blame someone for their situation. They may decide they hate you because of the colour of your skin, your accent, your country of birth, the football team you support, or how much money you have in your bank account. It...
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    Australian housing overvalued

    I agree completely that it was oversight failure. Ireland could not adjust interest rates because these are set for the EU as a whole and so the rate is driven by the larger economies. Our politicians were also weak. Adjustments to the stamp duty regime could have slowed the market...
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    Australian housing overvalued

    What happened in Ireland: Cheap credit available on very easy terms for a prolonged period of time (EU membership = German banks seeking margin lending money to Irish market) combined with genuine economic growth (due to liberalisation of economy + educated workforce + EU membership +...
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    OECD report says australian private schools offer no accademic advantage

    Just to add my bit to the salary question - one year after I qualified as a lawyer in Ireland the Law Society did a survey of newly qualified lawyers (i.e. my year and the two years ahead of us). We were all young, in our early twenties, so well before the having babies stage, and all working...
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    OECD report says australian private schools offer no accademic advantage

    Hi Esel, But this is the point that I am making. It is the entirety of the group that matters. People take studies like the one you have quoted, and take it to mean that it doesn't matter that much if they put their bright kid (from a good socio economic background) in a good private school...
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    OECD report says australian private schools offer no accademic advantage

    There's one thing that is always ignored in these debates - the phrase 'after adjusting for socio-economic factors.' This is the point. Parents who choose private schools or who move into upper class areas with good public schools are actively making that adjustment. I don't believe that it...
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    I think the problem is lack of trust. It's the same with lawyers, real estate agents etc. People expect you to take the p*ss, so even if you are delivering good value they are not likely to believe it. Some lawyers do grossly overcharge, many real estate agents lie through their teeth to...
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    Feeling the pinch? Cost of living

    Our childcare costs per day after rebate are about $93 for two kids. The cost for a centre in their suburb seems to be about $122 per day before rebate. So $122 X 2 kids X 5 days X 50 weeks = $61k less $15k rebate = $46k per annum or $3833 per month. Maybe they go to a more expensive...
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    Feeling the pinch? Cost of living

    It's madness but its not uncommon. Whatever about the way they built up the loans, they have them now. So if of their $12.5k per month $7.5k is gone on loan repayments and childcare, and a further $2.5k on rent, then I am not surprised that they feel broke. The problem is that they are just...
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    Keeping your children in factory-fresh condition

    It's awfully easy to blame the lawyers, but we need to look at ourselves first. Lawyers don't see themselves as the arbiters of what should and should not be recoverable - they should not take cases where they think the case is frivolous, or vexatious, or if there is something unethical going...
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    Life is more than about money

    The problem is though guys that the people described in the OP are not living within their means. They are getting money from Centrelink. I absolutely believe in the social contract, and I support social welfare for people who truly need it, but there is a whole underclass of people for whom...
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    Sponsoring a Child

    I signed up for a Red Cross programme. The guys came to the door and I was impressed by the programmes they run - e.g. breakfast clubs for school kids in Australia. I asked what % of donations went to admin costs before I signed up and said how important this was to me. They told me it was...
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    Sponsoring a Child

    Cimbom access to contraception is a public health issue. No-one is talking about forcible sterilisation - just about offering women in poorer countries the opportunity to control how many children they have. The absence of fertility control was the leading cause of death for women probably...