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    Invest & rent to Mate (2 ways)

    Hi, Keen to get some advice legality, pros & cons from anyone who has done this before. Scenario: 1) Concurrently at the same time with a mate or relative, both parties build an investment property. 2) When properties are built, have agreement to rent to each other at slightly below the...
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    Do Depreciation Survey before or after Repair?

    Hi, Just bought my investment property in Perth & rented it out. Planning to get some works done around the house. 1) To replace gutter which have rusted throught 2) To replace swimming pool filtration system 3) To replace bath room tiles which have popped out when tenant moved in Does...
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    Offer Expiry Period

    Hi. Can anyone advise if there is a standard offer expiry period (24 hrs, 48 hrs or longer) to be added in as a condition for offer? Thanks.
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    IP with Unapproved Renovation

    Hi BV, Yeah the original house was 2 bedder & the owner converted the 1 car garage into another bedroom & installed a 3rd toilet at the back. The original garage was under the same tile roof as the whole house, the owner just added the front wall to enclose the additional room. The relatively...
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    IP with Unapproved Renovation

    Hi, just came across an IP in WA which is about $60-80k below market value. Found out that the previous owner has converted original garage into additional bedroom & added a 3rd toilet to this room. All these works have not been approved by the shire though they are aware of it (agent said so)...
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    Title & Tax Return

    Hi, can anyone out there help with my query? My wife & me are looking at purchasing an investment property in WA with the land title as tenant in common. We plan to have the bank loan as 100% in my name (negative gearing purpose) with my wife acting as guarantor, as required by the bank...